Should I inform users about version 3.13d?

I just uploaded version 3.13d to the web site,which fixes what I hope will be the last significant bug with this version. (And I hope that’s not “famous last words”!)

The bug fixed by version 3.13d was, if you selected “Create Receipts via mail merge rather than normal report method” in Maintenance -> Receipt Options, the options on the Receipt menu gave error messages like “Error retrieving receipt(s)” and didn’t work.

Version 3.13c, released yesterday, fixed a number of bugs for users whose default web browser was Mozilla Firefox rather than the much more common Microsoft Internet Explorer, the worst of which was that the new Help -> Check for Updates option didn’t work.

I’m not clear on whether I should send yet another email to the users that I have informed about versions 3.13 and 3.13b (who are the up-to-date paid and free license users), about these new updates. I hate sending too many emails to users, and these changes affect only a rather small minority of users. Hopefully, if users encountered those bugs, they would let me know and I could just tell them to upgrade. (Which is much easier now than it used to be, now that Help -> Check for Updates is available!)

Do any of you have opinions about whether another email to everyone would be appropriate? If so, just add it as a comment to this post, or of course you can email me directly as always! Thanks.

6 thoughts on “Should I inform users about version 3.13d?

  1. Dan,

    since one of the fixes involves being able to use a particular piece of software without problems, I would view that as significant.. (but I am a Firefox user!!) and would publicize.


  2. An e-mail from you is always good. I like my programs as fresh as they can be, even though I may not have had a problem.

  3. I also like the most up-to-date programs in my machine, if possible, so I would suggest you send it out to all.

  4. I’m going to do that, but unfortunately a couple of users are still having problems, even with the newest version (which is now up to 3.13e!), so I want to make sure it is really solid before I send out another email to everyone.

    If anyone reading this wants to try that newest version out, please do, and let me know whether you have any problems, particularly with receipts. You can use Current Donor Sample to avoid changing anything in your database. If there are problems, I will fix them as fast as I possibly can.

  5. I just emailed all current paid users yesterday about what is now version 3.13f, and I believe fully debugged! I had to wait until I was sure all users that had reported problems were fixed by my various small bug fixes.

    I will be sending out emails to the rest of the users to announce version 3.13 (which they haven’t been emailed about at all so far) over the next week or so.

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