Rewards for Referrals?

I’m planning on sending a mailing to all up-to-date paid users next week, with a subject line like perhaps “DONATION: How you can help”.

It will suggest three things they can do to help:

1) Subscribe to this blog, to help with testing or advice. (More people actively testing would cut down on bugs!)

2) Link to the DONATION site on your web site, if you have a links page or other appropriate place. (Helps the web site’s standing in search engines.)

3) Refer other people to DONATION.

Of course, each of those will be spelled out in detail.

Although I’d welcome comments about any or all of this (including suggestions for a better Subject line), I’d particularly like your comments on point (3).

My thought at this point is that any time I get a registration from a new user who says they were referred by a specific existing user, and that new user then pays the Full License fee, the existing user who made the referral will get an extra 3 months added to their support and upgrades eligibility. I think a condition on that would be that the user making the referral would have to already be up-to-date on their payments / renewals. So, if you could refer 4 users per year who purchased the program, you would not have to pay annual renewal fees.

Does that make sense? Any alternate suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Rewards for Referrals?

  1. I’m in favor of anything free..

    Seriously.. that sounds like an excellent idea.. everyone is a winner..

  2. I like it. The offer of 3 months free is a good incentive. And more testers would certainly be helpful.

  3. One reader of this blog suggested “Partnering with DONATION” as a better title for this proposed email. I rather like that. Anybody else have an opinion? I’m told that the subject line of emails makes a lot of difference in the extent to which they are read.

    Actually, I could do something that Internet marketing books suggest: A/B testing. Divide the mailing list in half, use one title for half of it, and another title for the other half, and compare the opening rates for the email. (Fortunately, my email sending service gives me those statistics.)

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