Change Date of Donations Feature

I have added a feature, to appear in the next version (3.14), Database -> Change Date of Donations. It will prompt for a From date and a To date, both in the current working year, and change the date of all donations on the From date to have the To date.

This would mostly be to fix errors when you used File -> One Date Donation Entry and specified the wrong date.

However, I’m not sure about one thing. What should the program do if you have already issued receipts that include some of those donations?

The problem is that at least in theory, you ought to issue a corrected receipt, at least if that receipt has already been given to the donor. Mind you, the correction doesn’t change the total, but it does change the dates in theĀ details, assuming your receipts show the details.

One option would be to just refuse to do the Change Date of Donations if any of the donations have been receipted, and tell the user to fix them him/herself individually, and issue corrected receipts. (Fixing them individually would mean deleting the donations with the wrong dates, because you can’t edit receipted donations, adding them back in, and issuing corrected receipts.)

Another option would be to change the dates as desired, but also change the status of any receipts for donations on those dates from Original Receipt to Corrected Receipt, and tell the user to reprint the receipts.

A final option would be to just not worry about it, because it doesn’t change the total of the receipts, as mentioned above. Perhaps just mention to the user that this has happened.

A guess a 4th option would be to offer the user a choice of the previous 3 options. But I don’t really favour this – I think it would be too complicated to explain and for them to decide.

Any opinions? Thanks.

By the way, if anyone is dying for this feature, it’s already available in version 3.14 Beta1, at

6 thoughts on “Change Date of Donations Feature

  1. Dan..

    I personally favor option 2.. but I am in the US and only issue end-of-year statements.. with the occasional special receipt based on request. I would be nearly as happy with option 3.. especially if it generated a short letter notifying the donor of the change of date of his donation..

  2. I’m in favour of option 2. The user can then decide if they are going to reprint the receipts or leave the donor with the original ones if they have been issued already. The value does not change only the date therefor they would should still be OK in the eyes of Revenue Canada.

  3. Wow! I could have used that option this past week. I made a “one date donation entry” for our church this week and posted the wrong date. So I had to go through each entry individually to correct it. I even thought of suggesting this feature.
    Yes, option 2 would be fine with me.

  4. OK, I’m satisfied that my 2nd option (changing the status of any existing receipts for donations on the date you are changing from to “Corrected Receipt”) is best.

    I think I will also ask the user to confirm that they want to change the status, however, informing them that the only reason they would answer No is if those receipts haven’t actually been printed and/or sent to the donors yet.

    Unless someone has a big disagreement with this, I think we can close off this topic. Thanks, all.

  5. Thanks for this option Dan, we too could have used it earlier in January when the Sunday donations were all entered under the wrong date.
    We do not receipt till year end so that should not be a problem with us.

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