DONATION demo video on YouTube

I have uploaded a version of the “basic data entry” demo video, which is already on my site, to YouTube.

It’s a bit small and fuzzy, so I’m not sure whether it is worth having there or not. (I had the company that created the demos for me convert it to work on YouTube, and obviously it’s not a perfect conversion, because the size had to be different.)

What do you think? Is it good enought to leave up, or so fuzzy that it just makes me and/or the program look bad?

You can see it at:

7 thoughts on “DONATION demo video on YouTube

  1. Dan,

    If you can host a clearer version on your server (or a better quality service), then I’d do it and have the links in your page be to this clearer link. You could leave the one on Youtube just in case someone might stumble on it there… This is pretty typical of software demo clarity on Youtube that I have seen. In fact.. clearer than many..

    It would be nice if a person didn’t have to download or stream to a client player..

  2. There is already a better version of this on the Demos page under the PRODUCTS heading on my site. It, and a second video on initial setup, have been there for quite a while.

    Not being all that familiar with YouTube, I’m not sure what you mean by the links on my page. Can I embed links in the description of the video on YouTube, or something?


  3. OK, I enhanced the description on YouTube to add a link to the home page, and to the demos page (though you have to click the “more” link to see that 2nd link). Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Utube rarely has huge resolution, but it was clear enough to view. I think that it is a good idea.

  5. Thanks, all. I think it’s clear that it’s good enough to leave there, so unless you have something significantly different to add, there’s probably no need for further comments.

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