Please Beta Test v. 3.14 Beta2: Fix missing email addresses!

Hello DONATION beta testers. There is a new version ready to be tested, version 3.14 Beta2. (Beta1 was released only to one user for initial testing, because it addressed a particular problem they had.)

I wasn’t planning on another release this soon after last month’s release, but I just found out about a rather embarassing bug, so I’d like to release a version to fix it. It’s the 2nd-last point in the list of changes below.

To test this version, go to:

and download and install donupdt.exe. You have to be running at least version 3.12 for this update to work.

Here is a list of everything that is changed in this version, from version 3.13g:

  • Added the Database -> Change Date of Donations menu option, which allows you to change all donations with one date to be on a different date.
  • Changed receipt numbers to be 5 digits rather than four, so that for instance the first receipt number for 2009 would be 2009-00001. This allows for up to 99,999 receipts per year, rather than the previous maximum number of 9,999.
  • Removed the Allow January option, because occasionally people were erroneously using it to enter donations in the next year, instead of using Maintenance -> Change Year -> Next Year. This option was only needed in the case of a postal strike around Christmas, if the government allowed charities to count donations received in January as being for the previous year. It will be restored to the program if that ever happens again.
  • In Help -> Request or Install License Key, it used to be that the “Request License Key for your Organization” button wasn’t shown if the program couldn’t see a reason for you to need a new key. (For instance, if your support and upgrades expiry date hadn’t passed, and wasn’t within the next two months, the button wasn’t shown.) Now, it is always shown, to deal with some unusual circumstances when you may need to request an updated key even though you are not close to your expiry date. An example of that is if you have been granted an extra 3 months of support and upgrades due to a successful referral of another user, so you need an updated license key to inform the program of your new renewal date.
  • Fixed a bug when starting a new year with Maintenance -> Change Year -> Next Year (or Previous Year), where any email addresses that had been filled in were not copied over to the new year. To fix this for users who already opened the 2009 year and thus lost any email addresses entered in 2008, the new version of the program will prompt you when you first start it, to copy those email addresses forward from 2008 to 2009 (if there are any to be copied).
  • Fix a bug where doing mail merge using a letter or receipt file that was saved to HTML by Microsoft Word, but not in the “Web Page, Filtered” format, could hang indefinitely. A helpful message will also come up when this is causing problems.

As usual, please let me know what your testing results are, positive or negative. Unless something seems private, please post your results as Comments to this blog posting, so that everyone can see them.

Thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Please Beta Test v. 3.14 Beta2: Fix missing email addresses!

  1. Database date change works, and I could have used it before this feature was added. Thanks very much.
    Receipt number as 5 digits works.
    Request to install license key works.
    Email address do now move into the new year. I hadn’t seen that it was a problem before, because I don’t use that feature, but I can see where it would be helpful.
    I haven’t had to use mail merge yet so I’ll assume that works too.

  2. The email works. I updated the database and discovered that I had entered an email address and it was updated.

  3. OK, this version seems OK. Thanks to those of you who tested it!

    I have uploaded the full (non-beta test) version 3.14 to the web site. If you want to upgrade to it, and already have version 3.13 or higher, just use Database -> Check for Updates to do so.

    I will announce this new version to all up-to-date paid users tomorrow, and to other users over the course of the next week or so.

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