New Training Video

Some of you are probably aware that there are a couple of fairly high-quality demos on the program’s web site, at:

I am experimenting with creating my own demos, with some demo-making software called Camtasia. I have created a first one on doing basic mail merging in DONATION (without editing the letters yet – that’s for another demo). It’s on that same demos page, under the heading Training Videos, named “Basic Mail Merge”.

This new video uses me as the narrator (not a professional voice actor as in the original two demos), has slightly lower video quality, some um’s and ah’s, etc.

I’d like your opinion on whether this demo is (a) helpful, and (b) professional enough to not reflect badly on the program and the web site.

If you do like it, please also let me know what other areas in the program could benefit from a training video. I would already definitely intend to do one about editing the mail merge letters and receipts.

If convenient, please leave any reactions as Comments on this blog entry. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “New Training Video

  1. Dan,

    I thought the video was great! Very clear and the instruction was easy to follow – I see no disadvantage to the program with this demo.

  2. Dan:
    I just watched all your training videos for the first time. They are great. Sure the first ones are more ‘polished’ and professional but I like the personal one as well. Clearly done, not too fast a pace, ability to rewind or pause for further clarification, etc. Well done !

  3. I just watched the mail merge video and find it very helpful. Up to now I have not needed to use it, but even if I did need it, I was a bit reluctant to use it for lack of confidence. After seeing the video, it looks like it is no longer a challenge, but a rather simple task. Great video. Yes, you can make future videos yourself without hiring professional readers!

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