Two More Mail Merge Videos

Wow, creating these demo videos is fun!

I have added two more videos, at One is on Editing Mail Merge Letters and Receipts (17 minutes), and one on Using Mail Merge Receipts (3 minutes).

What else would be helpful to have training videos on? Perhaps features for churches, like One Date Donation Entry and the Limited User Password? Can you think of anything else that’s a bit confusing at first, that could use a video?


2 thoughts on “Two More Mail Merge Videos

  1. Hi Dan,

    The mail merge videos were very helpful. I hadn’t really dug into mail merge as I hadn’t (yet) needed it. You made it all very clear.

    I’m afraid I haven’t run across anything else where I felt special instruction was necessary to get things done… so no suggestions for other videos.


  2. Dan:

    I thought these two videos were quite helpful as well. I must admit that I will feel more comfortable doing mail merges now – hadn’t used that feature before.

    Although I don’t see anything at present time that I would benefit from with demos right now, there certainly must be people who would appreciate any demo videos that you might provide. It makes the whole process much simplier and takes the fear out of areas of which are not familiar.


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