DONATION Web Site Upgraded

I have just made some changes to the web site (especially the home page), following the directions of a very helpful eBook I purchased on marketing for small software businesses. If you have a few minutes to review the changes and send me any comments you have about them, I’d really appreciate it.

The changes include

  • the addition of BUY NOW and DOWNLOAD NOW buttons to the home page and various other places (what marketers call the “ask”)
  • changing the main messaging on the home page to more clearly describe what DONATION is and why you might want to consider it (what marketers call the “hook”)
  • adding a short additional boxed testimonial to the main text area of the home page (further increases credibility)
  • adding a 30-day money back guarantee after the initial Full License payment (decreases the impression of risk in the purchase)

I’m also still wondering about the “tagline”, shown at the top right of each page: “Simple. Powerful. All you need.” I wonder whether the “all you need” part isn’t a bit untruthful and exaggerated. After all, almost everyone who buys DONATION will also buy a bookkeeping program like Quicken, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting etc. And then there’s all of the rest of their software. Obviously, what I’m trying to say is it’s all you need for what it’s good at – tracking donors and donations and receipting. But even then, for some organizations, it’s not all they need.

Do you think I should drop that tagline, or better yet, replace it with something else? I still like the “Simple. Powerful.” part, but that alone is too short. Any bright ideas, whether using that part or not?

Any other thoughts on the web site, whether related to parts I’ve mentioned or not? If possible, please comment by adding a Reply to this blog posting, so we can all comment on each others’ comments!

Many thanks.

6 thoughts on “DONATION Web Site Upgraded

  1. I do not have any difficulty with the tag line. Many of my clients require multiple software packages to accomplish their objectives.

    I also like affordable and possibly some inference that the software is particularly suited for the smaller not for profit organization.

    • Steve, in your 2nd paragraph, are you referring to somehow adding those points to the tag line, or to the body text on the page? Any particular wording you might have in mind?

  2. Dan,

    Adding the buttons has added another blue to the front page. Not sure if top and bottom menu bars were a different colour before but I think might look more professional if buttons and menus bars were all the same blue.


  3. I like the Download Now and Buy Now buttons with a slightly different color than the menu bars as it makes them stand out immediately and draws your eyes to them. There are many software sites where it is not that easy to find the Download buttons.
    The tag line is no problem as far as I am concerned.

  4. The colours issue is tricky, not least because (at least on my screen) the apparent colour changes as I tilt the screen.

    I’ve just made a couple of changes, so that the tagline text (“Simple. Powerful. All you need.”) and the titles text (e.g. the large introductory sentence explaining the product on the home page) and the buttons are all the same colour. That is still slightly different from the background colour of the top and bottom bar menus, but I think that’s perhaps OK.

    I also made some small text changes on the home page, suggested by another user, by email.

  5. The colour changes look good to me now. The slight difference in colour draws your attention.

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