DONATION business sold to Microsoft!

Great news, DONATION users. Microsoft has bought me out, and all future versions of the program will be sold by them.

They will be making great improvements, like integrating their SQL Server database with the program. This will increase the download size for the full version of DONATION to about 500MB, instead of the current 15MB, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

They will also be charging more for the program, probably about $1,000/year, but again, the improvements they make, and the security of knowing the program is made and backed by Microsoft, will surely be worth it.

See a few lines below for more important information about this announcement:


(Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m an inveterate April fools prankster.)

9 thoughts on “DONATION business sold to Microsoft!

  1. Well Dan It certianly got my attention and I had two initial thoughts:

    One: Wonderful for you as it would have to have been an enormously good deal for you to “sell you pride and joy”!

    Second: That we would no longer be in a position to use Donation as it would be financially (at $1,000.00 per year) out of the reach for our congregation.

    So, needless to say, you got me! Not more visits to my house for you for awhile!


  2. Dan, you are a mean man. Shame on you for almost giving me the big one. But I thought that something was funny when you stated the new price, ouch.
    Anyway, have fun.

    You have too god a product to give it up that quickly.


  3. “DONATION business sold to Microsoft!”

    Personally I would rather be infected by that Conflicker worm.

  4. Thought you had made a great deal. Too bad for you that it is not more than a joke. But I am quite happy for the user base that it is totally a joke. One of the strongest selling points for this program is that the developer still controls it and keeps it basically simple.

    Thanks for my heart attack for the day.


  5. Hi Dan,

    boy, you almost got this old April Fool’s prankster!! I’ve pulled some good ones myself in my time.

    I was just about to dash off an email when I thought I’d better check the blog. My first reaction was to say “good luck” to you but that the announcement was not good news for us as the Microsoft juggernaut is not known for providing good service/support, nor good bug-free software to its users!! And, of course, the $1000 price would have put it out of reach of our small ministry. Glad it was a joke – keep up the good work.


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