Restore Option in First Startup – Draft Window

Well, I wasn’t a whole lot clearer after seeing all of your views on this, but I think I’m inclined to include this option, just making sure it is extremely clear. The following is my current draft of this window:

Startup Window

Startup Window

What do you think? Any wording suggestions to make it as clear as possible, especially for first-time users?


4 thoughts on “Restore Option in First Startup – Draft Window

  1. I think this is as clear as you can make it. With a detailed explanation with a click on Help this is all you need.,

  2. Dan, this window is clear and easy to understand. You have a help button to click if further explanations are required.
    Go with it.


  3. I sometimes help people with their computer problems, and I realize that some are not too computer literate, but short of going to your customer’s house and doing for him, you couldn’t make it any clearer.

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