Version 3.15 Final Beta Test

I just uploaded version 3.15 Beta5, which I hope will be the final beta before releasing this version shortly. This is building on Beta3, which included the new Report Browser, which I wrote about in the blog posting

Here are the additional features that have been added for this version:

  • When you are editing the donation date on the main window, you can now use the + and keys, either on the top row of your keypad or on the numeric keypad, to increase or decrease the date by one day. (This is similar to a feature in Quicken, QuickBooks and perhaps other accounting programs.)
  • Re-ordered the options on the Database menu, to put the most important options (the ones for Backups) at the top. Also renamed Import Data to Import All Data.
  • Added an option to include a return address section and a logo in the top-left corner of donor or receipt envelopes.
  • Added a right-click menu on the Donor List, with options New Donor, Edit Donor, Delete Donor, and Find Donor. These same functions can also be done with the New button in the Donor Details area, by clicking into any field in the Donor Details area, with the Delete button in the Donor Details area, and with File -> Find Donor (or Ctrl-F) respectively.
  • On the reports viewing window, disabled the Page 1, Prev Page, Next Page and Last Page buttons if there is only one page in the report.
  • Fixed a tiny bug in Letters -> One Letter and Letters -> Mass Mailing, where if you pick the Current Donation information or Individual Donation information options from the first radio boxes, and include the «ReceiptNum» field in the letter (which is an unusual thing to do with that type of letter), the receipt number shows with only 4 digits, i.e. like 2009-0001, instead of the new 5-digit format introduced in version 3.14, 2009-00001.

As usual, if you have a chance to test this, it would be greatly appreciated, and please let me know what you think, and if you find any problems or have any suggestions.


2 thoughts on “Version 3.15 Final Beta Test

  1. Don,

    I tried all of the additional features of the 3.15 Beta5.
    They all worked as described.
    I have been using a return address on donor mailing envelopes but it is a bit tricky to do in Word.
    Yours is a much neater solution.

  2. I agree with John.
    I like the new features that you have in this Version and they all worked as you have described them.
    The date selection is an excellent option.
    I wish I had the option for the inclusion of the return address section and logo this year when I printed my receipts.

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