Version 3.15b – Report bug fix

I just released version 3.15b, with a bug fix to Reports -> Donation -> Summary by Category. I already emailed all up to date paid users about version 3.15 yesterday, so I’m not going to bug them with another email today to inform them of this, because it’s a fairly minor fix. But I thought I’d let all of you who read the blog know.

I have yet to send emails to renewing and upaid users about version 3.15 – obviously I will inform them of 3.15b instead of 3.15. Those emails will go out probably tomorrow (to users who currently need to renew) and maybe next Tuesday (to users who are currently unpaid).

The bug fix was that the final number at the bottom of that report, “Total Distinct Donors across all Categories”, was for the whole year, not for the entered range of dates as it should have been.

2 thoughts on “Version 3.15b – Report bug fix

  1. That fix works. One has to be pretty sharp to pick up all those details. Without being made aware of it, I would never have looked for the detail of how many individual donors there are within a certain time frame. However, now that I know about this feature, it may come in handy some day.

    • I actually put in that feature because, when used for the whole year, it gives the number of donors with donations that my pricing levels are based on.

      A user picked it up because they were running the report for just one day, and the total # of donations shown was less than the total number of donors, which is of course impossible!

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