Please Test version 3.15c Beta1

I have uploaded a new version, 3.15c Beta1, to the page. I would really appreciate it if as many of you as possible could try it.

There are actually no new real features in this version, beyond what is in version 3.15b, which was released last week. However, what it does have is some new technology I am trying out, that I want to make sure works for everyone. (Don’t worry, if it doesn’t, I’ll get you a fix ASAP!)

The technology is about message boxes, those little windows that come up with a message or a question, and button(s) such as OK, or Yes/No. Some of the message boxes in the program have been changed to use new technology that allows them to have larger fonts, and use boldface for emphasis, that they are more readable and helpful.

Many of the ones that have been fixed are for actions on the main window, such as deleting donors or donations, etc. An easy way to see a new message box is to try deleting something, and see what comes up.

Please let me know, first of all, whether you have any problems with this, and secondly, what you think of this as an improvement.

For your information, I am also planning on selling this new technology to other programmers, as a small side business. But I developed it first of all to help improve the DONATION program.

Thank you very much!

6 thoughts on “Please Test version 3.15c Beta1

  1. This feature certainly makes the messages more visible and more easily read. The ability to enhance the fonts (eg: bold) is also a good thing.

    Is this an essential upgrade? No.
    Is it an improvement in the overall appearance to the user? Yes.
    Is it worth incorporating? Yes.

    Why cannot all the message boxes be upgraded like this. For example, the message reminding the user to do a backup is new, however the confirmation that the backup was successful was not changed

    • Peter, I AM planning on upgrading all of the message boxes in the program. But it will take hours and hours of work to do so. That’s why I started by just upgrading a small fraction of them.

      Thus, I wanted to make sure that the basic new technology I’m using for that works for a wide variety of users, before doing all of that work. I hate it when I release a new feature and then find out that it doesn’t work for some significant fraction of users!

      Thanks for testing!

  2. Works on my Windows 2000. I think it will be an improvement in the program, especially where one needs to pay attention before acting.

  3. I am also using Windows XP SP1 and I have had no problems with the new Beta version.
    I like the new feature even though one of the boxes (backing up to hard drive prompt) takes up the full width of my screen (15 ” set at 1280 x 800 ).
    The messages are much easier to read.
    Given the choice, I would select the larger fonts.

    • That’s great, Ralf. I have actually made an improvement to the larger message boxes since I released this beta, so that they will fill at most about 90% of the width of the screen, which seems to look much better.

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