New HTML MessageBox product

(This post was edited in August 2012, because the product is now freeware, and has a different web address. The original post, mostly retained below, was created in May 2009.)

I have just released a 2nd product from Cooperstock Software. It’s of no direct use to charities or churches, I’m afraid, but if any of you reading this are programmers, you might be interested, or if you have friends who are programmers, you could pass this on!

The product is called the HTML MessageBox, and it’s at I developed it for DONATION (it was used in 3.15 Beta1, which I wrote to the beta testers about recently). It’s used to make all message boxes in DONATION use a larger font, and in some cases be able to use boldface or other font changes to provide emphasis, to help you see what is the most important point of them to read. (Message boxes, for those who aren’t clear, are those little popup windows with a message in them, and buttons such as OK, or Yes / No.)

Because programmers use a bit of simple HTML to do this (like “<b>this part is bold</b>”), I call it the HTML MessageBox. It’s an exact replacement for the standard Windows MessageBox that programmers are used to using.

Just thought you might be interested to know about this!