Please test version 3.15c Beta2

I have just uploaded version 3.15c Beta2 to the Pretest page, at:

I’d appreciate your assistance, in giving it a quick test. This should be the final beta version before I release 3.15c to everyone, unless of course someone finds a bug that is worth re-testing!

One thing in this new version is that now all messageboxes are in a larger font, and use boldface where it’s helpful for emphasis. (Some of them had been converted to be like this in 3.15c Beta1.) This should help people read those messages.

This is the full list of the changes in this version:

  • In the reports Reports -> Donor -> Donation Info -> Sort by Name, Sort by Amount and Sort by Member/Envelope #, and Reports -> Donation -> All Donations -> Sort by Name and Sort by Date, you are now prompted for a category as well as a range of dates. You can select the default of “All”, to include all categories, or select just one category. (To select two or more categories, but not all of them, select “All” then use a Filter.)
  • Changed all message boxes in the program (those small windows that come up with messages, and buttons such as OK, or Yes/No) to use a larger font, and sometimes to use boldface in order emphasize the important points. (In version 3.15 Beta1, only some of these messages had been changed.)
  • When you are filling in the Organization Info the first time you start the program, if your Organization Name includes the words “church” or “chapel”, the program prompts you with an option to read the Help page for Features for Churches.
  • Added “PayPal” to the Cheque # / Paid By drop-down list for donations. (You can also enter it by typing just “Pay”, and the rest will pop up.)
  • Fixed a tiny bug in the feature that should restore the program’s main window to the same size and position on your screen as where you last used it. In some cases, if the window wasn’t maximized and you had it moved over to the right some, or down some, it might not be restored to that same position.
  • As usual, please report any results of your testing (positive or negative) to me, either by adding your response to this blog posting online, or by email. Many thanks!

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    1. Works great on Windows 2000. I was thinking of asking for this Reports feature, but because you could get the info using filters, I didn’t request it. But now that the feature is there, I find it very useful, simple and quick.

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