Beta Test 3.20 w/ Email Receipts and Backups

I have uploaded version 3.20 Beta1 of DONATION to the page, and I invite you to try it out and let me know what you think.

The biggest changes in this version are around email – a new configuration option for configuring sending email from DONATION, the ability to email a compressed and encrypted backup to any email address, and the ability to email PDF versions of receipts to your donors. (So far, this only works with the built-in receipts. Hopefully mail-merge receipts will be added in a future version.)

There are a lot of other smaller improvements as well. Full details of all changes are on the pretest page pointed to above.

Because I had to add a few things to the installation file, this version has no small update installation program – you have to download the full installation program. As a result, I have skipped ahead to call this version number 3.20 (the previous version was 3.15c).

Again, please let me know of any testing results, positive or negative, preferably by adding a response to this blog entry. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Beta Test 3.20 w/ Email Receipts and Backups

  1. Dan,

    I did my weekly update and sent the email backup to a special Gmail account I keep for this purpose. Everything worked well. Nice feature.


  2. I like the idea of being able to email the quarterly statements that I do using mail merge. Of course, that facility isn’t available yet. I will more than likely continue to produce hard copies for the annual receipts, though.

    The idea of emailing backups to an off-site location is appealing. I won’t use it initially, since I make redundant backups using external hard drives.

  3. I finally got around to testing this feature on my laptop with Windows XP which is my machine on which I keep my genuine records. I’m still in Vancouver and am not able to test on my Windows 2000 test machine until I get home. Should be home about Oct 2 or 3.

    I got it set up using my web based yahoo information. That worked well, just like majic. I could not get the Outlook Express part working, but I never use it either. But I was able to configure Outlook Express and get a bunch of messages from Rogers. They think I read them, but I don’t. But I could not get the DONATION configuration to work using Outlook Express. That’s no problem to me, as I don’t want to use that feature anyway.

    I managed to send the encrypted database to my email address. I was also able to restore it to the DONATION program. All worked very well.

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