DONATION v. 3.22 Beta1 w/ Donation Entry Changes

I have just released a beta test version of DONATION, with the donation entry changes discussed in the blog entry There are a couple of other changes in it too, including allowing you to adjust the margins when printing mailing labels, and forcing a reboot when installing on 64-bit computers, since not doing so seems to usually cause reports to crash.

You can read all of the changes in this version, from version 3.21b, and download the update installers to test it, from If you have time to test it, I’d very much appreciate your comments (preferably posted as a Reply to this blog posting), especially on how you find the new donation entry features.

I’m sort of thinking of releasing this either before Christmas, or in early January, because I actually think the donation entry changes are a significant improvement, and I’d like the large number of new users I usually get at this time of year to benefit from those changes. However, I realize there already was a release early this month. What do you all think? (I could also upload it, but not notify everyone until later, so there was no perceived pressure to upgrade.)

6 thoughts on “DONATION v. 3.22 Beta1 w/ Donation Entry Changes

  1. All features worked as described. Can’t miss the single date batch entry feature now! It should make data entry a lot quicker especially for new donors. I don’t find applying a new release particularly onerous; so the sooner the better I would say.

  2. I’m quite happy with the new features. I’ve tried a number of entries as single as well as Batch entries and encountered no problem.

    Since some of us are keystroke people and others are mouse people, I just want to draw attention the the SAVE button in the One Date Donation Entry. Before the previous software update the ENTER key saved the donation (in the One Date Donation Entry). But since the previous update changed the ENTER key to just move down to the next record, we have had to resort to using the mouse to Save the entries. I, being a keystroke person (much of the time), would like to have a keystroke for the Save. I don’t mean to eliminate the save (keep it for the mousers) but add i.e. ctrl-S for us keystroke folk.

    • Alt-S does already do the Save on the One Date Batch Entry window. If you can’t see that the S is underlined (which is the standard Windows way of indicating this), read my Help page on Keyboard Shortcuts. In the section of that page on Using Underlined Letters, it explains how to turn on the underlining if it’s not on by default in your Windows.

  3. This does not seem to work for me. After entering a contribution and saving it, a new line appears and this line is not empty but contains the date (15/10/09) and the category (flowers) and it is impossible for me to get rid of this line. I dont know what I did wrong. Can I go back to the previous release ?
    I am sending you by email a picture of what I am getting.

    • Oh dear, Tom. That is exactly how it is supposed to work now – nothing is wrong.

      That line is what I am calling the “empty” line, on which you can enter your next donation, but don’t have to. It’s not an actual donation saved in the database unless and until you fill in an Amount (and optionally other fields) and click Save.

      Does that make more sense? Any suggestions on how I explain this better?

  4. Dan,

    I used the regular donation page (not batch) and everything worked fine. I like being able to get the cursor to start in the “amount” field.. I must confess, however, that I did forget to change the date and had to use the Database>Change Date function..!! (as you predicted). I will get use to it and it will save time.. I like it.

    I’d release sooner rather than later..

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