What HTML editor do you use?

Do you use an HTML editor of any sort, other than the one built into DONATION for editing the mail-merge letters and receipts?

The reason I’m asking is that some types of documents, especially the receipts, can be hard to do complex design on in the built-in mail-merge editor in DONATION. That’s why on its Actions menu (and the toolbar) there are options for View/Edit Source (which edits the HTML in Notepad) and Edit in Microsoft Word.

A user recently informed me that they use Dreamweaver, and since that is so popular, for the next version of DONATION, if it detects that Dreamweaver is installed on your system, it will add an Edit in Dreamweaver menu option to the Actions menu.

I’m wondering if I should add any other “Edit in …” menu options, if my users are using other well-known HTML editors, such as Microsoft FrontPage, the new Microsoft Expression Web, etc. So, if you are using something other than a plain text editor (like Notepad), or Word, or Dreamweaver, please drop me an email with details. I may then ask if you could help me a bit to figure out how that program is started, by letting me poke around with a remote control session on your computer for a few minutes.


2 thoughts on “What HTML editor do you use?

  1. FYI to anyone reading this later, I have added features in DONATION’s internal mail-merge editor, on the Actions menu and the toolbar, for editing in Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or Microsoft Expression Web. They all show up only if you have those programs installed.

    It will appear in version 3.23, whenever that is released, but for those who are interested, you can already download and try it as part of a beta release at http://www.software4nonprofits.com/pretest.htm.

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