OK to remove confusing mail-merge options?

There is part of the Letters -> One Letter and Letters -> Mass Mailing windows that I suspect is very little used, and can be confusing.

That part is Section 3 in Letters -> One Letter and Section 5 in Letters -> Mass Mailing: the parts where you can specify the name of the file in which to save the merged letters, and whether or not to use a standard filename.

My impression is that first, there is very little reason to use this to review previous merges – you can always just re-merge a letter or letters instead. And it just adds to the confusion.

The only reason to pick a different (non-standard) filename for the merged letter(s) is if you want to keep old merges on file, each with its own name. But that also is going to become very confusing, and if you really want copies, you could print them instead.

Does any one reading this use those options, or think I should keep them in the program? Please let me know by writing a Reply to this blog. And if you don’t use them or see a reason to keep them, a quick reply to let me know you’ve thought about it would also be great! Thank you.

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