Mail merge bug – need help diagnosing!

Two users yesterday informed me that they were observing a bug in Letters -> One Letter (and perhaps also in Letters -> Mass Mailing, they didn’t say), which I cannot reproduce, so I’d really appreciate your help with it.

The bug is that the mail merge field <<today>>, which should get translated to today’s date in your normal computer’s long date format (usually things like “April 2, 2010”), instead prints as “January 1, 1900”.

I’m assuming this only happens in fairly restricted circumstances, or I would have had a lot more reports of it by now, but I have examined the program code related to that field and so far I really can’t guess how or when it would happen.

If you could try just any letter in Letters -> One Letter, e.g. the one where you select “Donor Information only” in section 1, and just use my default letter, or whatever you have modified that to, if you have modified it, and see whether the date comes out OK, I would really appreciate it. Let me know if it comes out as “January 1, 1900” (or anything else that is incorrect!) and then I may ask you to do some further diagnosis.

Thank you very much!

Oh, and for those of you for whom this is meaningful, Happy Easter! (It will be a happier one for me if I figure out this bug and get a fix out for it.)

3 thoughts on “Mail merge bug – need help diagnosing!

  1. I ran test on 3.23g (which was on my machine).. today’s date was displayed.

    I upgraded o 3.23i and it still worked correctly.

    Win 7-64


  2. Never mind everyone, I figured it out afer some further Googling for related issues and thinking.

    The bug only happened if in Control Panel’s Regional and Language Options, in the Date tab of the Customize window, your Short date format had a different order of elements from your Long date format. For instance, if your Short date format was “dd/MM/yy”, and your Long date format was “MMMM d, yyyy”.

    I will be uploading a fixed version shortly – version 3.23j.

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