DONATION 3.30 Beta3 – Emailing Statements

I have released a further beta version of the new version 3.30, with the following two changes:

  • All “statement” reports and mail merges can now be sent by email to donors who have email addresses, just like the receipts. This includes Reports -> Donation -> Details, One Page per Donor and Category Totals, One Page per Donor, and Total Donations information mail merges. See the Help topics Statements and Receipts and Emailing Receipts and Statements for details.
  • This change was actually in Beta1, but I forgot to mention it!) The program is now much more flexible about the names and locations of logo and signature bitmap files for your receipts and letters, allowing you to select them on a window you reach from the Maintenance -> Receipt Options window, and allowing them to have any name and standard bitmap filename extension (e.g. BMP, GIF or JPG). Also, you can specify different logo and signature bitmaps for different organizations/databases, if you have multiple databases on the same computer.

As usual, you can download the beta version from

If you try version a beta of version 3.30 at all, please let me know, even if all you do is confirm that it installs correctly. And of course, if you do have any testing comments, please add them as a Reply to the blog post.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “DONATION 3.30 Beta3 – Emailing Statements

  1. Dan,

    I have installed Beta 3 as an update to my other version(whatever was the latest before 3.3). It installed fine. I won’t have an opportunity to use it until next week as I have finished my data entry for this week already.

    Win 7 – 64


      • Dan,

        I did my normal data entry (using general input screen). I then backed up database, emailed database to my storage email, validated the database and saved all donations YTD to an Excel spreadsheet.. this is my normal routine. It all went flawlessly..

        Good job!


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