DONATION 3.31 Beta3: New PDF Printer

Hello DONATION beta testers. I have a new version for you to take a look at, if you have a few minutes. As usual, you can get it from

Here is what is included in version 3.31 so far, in rough order of importance:

  • Changed the saving to PDF files so that it doesn’t encrypt/protect the PDF file from modification unless it is a receipt or is a statement being emailed to donors. (Previously all PDF files created by DONATION were encrypted.) This may solve a problem that a few users are having where PDF printing doesn’t work.
  • The program now uses a new version of the novaPDF PDF-printing software (version 7.1 instead of version 5.5), which may solve a problem that a few users are having where PDF printing doesn’t work.
  • Fixed a bug, where if you logged in to DONATION using the Limited User Password, and you backed up the database, you received an error message after that, and the program exited. (You could start it again after that, and the backup was successful.)
  • Now if you are using the Limited User Password, you can no longer use the Database -> Switch Databases menu option. (It could cause complicated problems, that would have been hard to fix, and seems very unlikely to be required by limited users.)
  • Fixed a bug where you use Maintenance -> Change Year -> Previous Year, and the default date for new donations stays as the last date used in the year you just switched from, allowing you to save donations with a date in the wrong year. (If you used that menu option several times in a row, you could even end up saving donations with a date several years forward.)
  • Made a small fix that may prevent a crash during mail merges that one user was experiencing, with the message “Null object reference at line 3 in function of_focus of object u_web_browser”.

The change to the new novaPDF printer version is the most drastic change in this version, and the one I am most concerned about being tested. (To test it, after installation, just run any report, then use Save PDF and make sure the PDF file gets created and displayed to you.)

As usual, please let me know any testing results, postive or negative, preferably by adding a Comment to this posting.

I’d also like your advice about whether I should inform all users of this new version, or save it up for inclusion with the next version that has more significant feature changes. Of course, I would upload it to the normal web site once I’m sure it is OK, and I would inform any users who are having problems with the PDF printing that they should upgrade to this new version. But I did inform all users of version 3.30 just last month, and I don’t want to overwhelm everyone with too many upgrades. What do you think?

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “DONATION 3.31 Beta3: New PDF Printer

  1. I just tested the new PDF creator in version 3.31 Beta 3 and it works fine as full user and limited user on my Dell Laptop with Windows XP.

    As limited user, backup database works fine.

    Maintenance -> Change Year -> Previous Year puts the last day of the year to which you switch. Works great.

    I don’t see a real need for notifying everyone of the PDF change at this time, unless you are inundated with calls from a lot of people of the problem with the old version of novaPDF Pro V5. The only reason I like the change is because I could not use the novaPDF creator to do a copy and paste from a pdf file created with novaPDF V5 in order to paste it onto Notepad or another program. But my fix around that was that I would create my pdf files with another pdf file creator in my machine. Now I no longer need to do that which just means a bit less to be concerned about.

    If you would like me to test in my Windows 2000 machine, I would need a new License Key as my old one has run out and I did not enter the new one which I have in my Dell laptop and I no longer have the email which sent it to me.

  2. Dan,

    I installed the update and tried printing a pdf of a report (one Date Detail and One Date Summary). It appeared to work, but no file (pdf) was stored on my computer. I tried saving the pdf to 3 different folders.. same result.. no pdf..

    Running Win 7 64 bit.

    Both NovaPDF 5 and 7 show up as available printers on my computer.

    • Oh dear, David. Did you see the “Printing to PDF File, Please be Patient” window at all? What if you use the new printer directly via the Print button instead, does that work?

      • Hi Dan,

        Per some of your offline comments I have rebooted, installed a 2nd time and rebooted again.. none of these resulted in the “save to PDF working”. I get the “Printing to PDF File, Please be Patient” window, but no PDF file shows up in the directory where it should be.

        I can use the print function and specify the NovaPDF v7 print driver and it works fine.. after doing that the PDF is displayed and also shows up in the proper directory.

        I await further instructions!!!

  3. The latest info and experience I have is that, at least on Windows 7 computers with 64-bit processors, the Save PDF doesn’t work unless you right-click on your DONATION icon and pick “Run as Administrator”. I’m waiting on the vendor of novaPDF for some information about how to deal with this problem.

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