DONATION 3.31 Beta6: PDF Printer Fixes

Hello again DONATION beta testers. Well, the new PDF printer in version 3.31 Beta3 that I informed you of recently worked for many people, but not for everyone. Some users, particularly those with Windows 7 and/or 64-bit computers (I think!) still had problems.

It turns out that the issue is that for some of those users, the Save PDF button on reports and built-in receipts (but not mail-merge letters and receipts) fails if the program is not run as a Windows Administrator. And I changed the program to stop running as an Administrator in version 3.30, to better follow Microsoft guidelines, and to stop those annoying User Account Control “Is it OK for this program to modify your computer?” prompts for users with Windows Vista or Windows 7.

The solution I ended up with (which I am not completely happy with, but can’t see how to improve on at this point) is that if you run DONATION normally (not as an Administrator), try Save PDF, and it fails, you get a message to re-run DONATION as an Administrator, re-do the action you just did, and do Save PDF from there.

Another option that does work, oddly, is instead of using Save PDF on those reports or built-in receipts, use the normal Print button, and in the printer dialog box that comes up, switch to the PDF printer, “novaPDF Pro v7 for DONATION”. N.B. for receipts, there is no printer dialog box, so you have to pre-select that printer using the Print Setup button before clicking Print. When you do this, you get novaPDF’s dialog box prompting for the filename to save the PDF file to, without the default paths and filenames that Save PDF prompts you with (in my dialog box), but it does work, even without running as Administrator.

If this all seems a bit mysterious to you (why some things work and some don’t). it is mysterious to me as well! That’s because it’s about how the novaPDF software (that I bought) works, which is out of my control. I have worked with their tech support folks on this, but haven’t received any better solution.

Anyways, if you could try this out (at as usual) prior to my releasing it to the main web site, that would be great. As usual, please let me know any testing results (positive or negative!) via  a Reply to this blog posting.

I don’t plan to email all users about the release of version 3.31 after I release it, because it just isn’t major enough to warrant that. Rather, I will inform any users about it who write to me about having problems with PDF printing. And of course, all new users will get this version.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “DONATION 3.31 Beta6: PDF Printer Fixes

  1. I just tested the print feature on my old Windows 2000 and works fine, both Save as PDF file and Print to nova PDF printer. Now let’s hear from the Windows 7 folk.

    • I did hear from another user with Vista, for whom at first it didn’t work as I described, but after we uninstalled an earlier version of novaPDF version 7 (with a bit of difficulty) and re-installed DONATION (including novaPDF 7), it all worked as described. I’m moderatly confident now that this fix is OK.

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