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Hi DONATION advisors. I’m having my logo redesigned by a graphic designer, and have a bunch of options to choose from. If you could take a quick look at those options on the page and let me know which are your favourites, I’d very much appreciate it. You can see the current logo (which I’ve been told is “old fashioned”, at least in Internet years) at, of course.

If you’re referring to the new options by number (the are labelled “Logo Set 1” through “Logo Set 17”), please be aware that those labels are above each image. Each image has a colour version and a black & white version, but I’m only really concerned about the colour version.


2 thoughts on “New logo options

  1. I like #1 or #13. I personally believe that when you change logos, it should be significant enough for someone to notice.. #9-12 don’t seem that much different. I do like the concept of the elongated logo, so #13 fits that criteria best, while sill being a change.

    I think the logos with CDs are hokey.. nobody is going to associate a circle with a hole with software.. and even if they did, you are not really selling software.. you are selling a donation tracking system.. for which a CD has no relevance.

    #4 would be my 3rd choice.. I like the symmetry of the square and circle..the rectangle doesn’t look good to me.

    The “4” is virtually invisible in the last two.. 16 & 17.. too busy looking..

  2. Thanks all for your votes. Between yourselves and a few friends and other designers I know, I had a very wide range of votes, with no clear “big winner”, but Logo 8 did have the most votes (6, compared to 4 votes for a couple of others that were more versions of my current logo) so I decided to go for it. You can see it on the web site now!

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