Beta Test new version 3.32

Hello DONATION beta testers.  I have just uploaded version 3.32 Beta1 to the usual page,, for your testing pleasure.

The changes for this version include only a few tiny new features, and are mostly bug fixes

However, one of those bug fixes involved changing the database layout a bit, so when you first start the new version, there will be a quick invisible conversion step. As a result, (a) I would recommend that you make a database backup before trying this version, and  (b) it’s really quite imporant that a few people at least test it before I release it to all users. (That’s because if there was a problem with that conversion, which I seriously doubt, but is of course possible, I wouldn’t want to spring it on everyone at once!) And of course, if any of you do encounter a problem, I will be available to fix it ASAP. No worries!

The following is a list of all of the changes in this version.

  • Added a menu option, Help -> Move DONATION to Another Computer, which takes you to the help topic Move the Program from One Computer to Another. (This is the most common technical support question I receive!)
  • If you have multiple databases (created with the Database -> Switch Databases menu option), after you create any backup it will remind you that you need to back up your other database(s) independently, by switching to them and backing them up. (A backup only backups up the database you are currently in.)
  • In the Help page on Using a Logo and Signature Bitmap on your Receipts, added a section on how to get inexpensive help editing your logo and signature bitmaps, if you are not able to do so yourself.
  • Fixed a bug in the Database -> Import Donors menu option, where if the file to be imported contains quoted fields that are the maximum field length (e.g. 30-character First or Last Name fields), the names would be truncated because the quotes were being counted as part of the length.
  • Fixed issues in both the Database -> Import Donors menu option and the Database -> Import Donations menu option, where if you had saved the file to be imported from Excel, and Excel was still open, those windows could fail to open the import file.
  • Fixed a bug where if the First or Last Name fields were filled in to their maximum length (30), and contained accented characters, the Donor List would stop loading correctly on subsequent runs of DONATION, with an error message.
  • Fixed something more fully, that was supposed to be fixed in version 3.31 but only sometimes worked: In some versions of Windows, some PDF printing of reports and built-in receipts may not work unless you run DONATION as an Administrator. If a PDF print fails, you may be given a message to exit DONATION and re-run it as an Administrator, to resolve this problem.
  • Fixed a bug when using the Email/Print button in receipts, where it could give you an erroneous error message that it couldn’t create the Report.pdf file, even though it actually created the Receipt.pdf file it was supposed to create successfully. (It still sent the email with the correct Receipt.pdf file attached successfully, despite the error message.)

As usual, please let me know of any testing results, whether positive or negative, either by email or by adding a Comment to this blog post. Thank you.

By the way, for those of you who responded to my last blog post about selecting a new Software4Nonprofits logo, and haven’t seen the new one  yet, it’s on the site now. It was a hard choice, because there was no strong winner among people’s votes, but I picked the one that did have the most votes, and which I personally liked quite a lot as well. Thanks to those of you who gave me your thoughts on that.