Change DONATION’s One Date Report Menu?

I have just added two more reports to the Reports -> Donation menu, One Date Details and Summary, and One Date Details and Summary with Member/Env. #, which combine the One Date Details reports with the Summary by Category part of the One Date Summary report. That will allow some users to print only one report, who previously printed two, to confirm one date’s donations.

However, that brings the number of options on the Reports -> Donation menu to 16, which is a lot. The more options on a menu, the harder it is to find things. So, I’m thinking of moving the now 5 different One Date reports (3 if you have the Member/Envelope # field turned off, so you don’t see the related reports) to a new submenu.

There are two options. The first is to have it be a submenu off of Reports -> Donation, e.g. Reports -> Donation -> One Date, so the first such report would be Reports -> Donation -> One Date -> Details, and so on. The advantage of that (over the next option I will present) is that it will be easier to find for existing users. The disadvantage is that it’s another mouse click or keystroke to select those reports, which especially for churches are among the most commonly used reports. Also, for those entering the program with the Limited User password, who currently have only those One Date reports available under the Reports -> Donation menu, it will look strange to have to go down an extra level to get to those reports.

The second option is to have a new submenu under Reports, namely (say) Reports -> One Date, or perhaps Reports -> One Date Donation, with the 5 specific reports under that. The advantage of that is that it keeps it to the same number of mouse clicks or keystrokes to get to those reports as it was before. The disadvantage is existing users will have to figure out where to find those reports now. (At least, those who don’t read and understand my notes about what’s in the new version that I send out with the release emails!)

Or of course, I could just leave things alone, and let people suffer with a long list of 16 reports on that Reports -> Donation menu.

What do you all think I should do about this? Please Comment on this blog post to let me know. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Change DONATION’s One Date Report Menu?

  1. Dan:
    I have just contacted four clients who use the One Date report on a weekly basis. Two of them prefer the the submenu on the Reports idea and two prefer the submenu from the Reports/Donation idea.

    You will never please everyone so pick the easiest.

    By the way none of them wanted 16 reports on one menu.

  2. I would go with option two. Existing users will will soon get used to the new format. Drilling down is the best way when the options list becomes too long. What about report browser?

  3. A change here would be very helpful. I would favour the second option with Reports -> One Date Donation and the 5 specific reports under that item. The difficulty you mention of users having to figure out where to find those reports, in my opinion, would be rather minimal.

  4. I would definitely vote in favour of option #2. The fewer levels of submenu’s, the less clicking, the more efficient the work. A new arrangement is quickly learned. A more efficient arrangement benefits the user for a long time.

  5. Dan…I would prefer option #2. I rather like the idea of having the five specific reports. I don’t see the noted disadvantage as being a major concern.

  6. I’m definitely going with Option 2. It’s almost ready to go out, and I may release it to the website in a week or so (after I get back from US Thanksgiving in NC, with my wife’s sister and her family). Users will be able to get it through Help -> Check for Updates. However, it’s not a major enough change that I will send an email to everyone about it then – I’ll wait for more changes, and do one email about all of them.

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