Beta Test DONATION Version 3.33

I am going to be releasing a fairly minor new version to the web site shortly, though because it is so minor I don’t plan to send an email to all users about it. (It will still be available via Help -> Check for Updates, of course.)

If those of you who can spare a few minutes could give it a quick test, to make sure I haven’t missed anything, it would be much appreciated (and of course a service to the many other users of DONATION, if you help save them from a bug!).

As always, you get this new version from Here are the changes and fixes in it:

  • Moved the One Date reports, previously under Reports -> Donation, to a new sub-menu, Reports -> One Date Donation. (This was discussed in my previous blog post.)
  • Added two new reports under Reports -> One Date Donation: Details and Summary, and Details with Member/Envelope # and Summary. Each combine the respective Details report with the summary by category part of the Summary report, on one page if they both fit. (The three previously-existing individual Details or Summary reports are also all still available.)
  • Added a new report, Reports -> Donation -> All Donations -> Sort by Amount.
  • Fixed a bug in the Standalone version full installation program (doninst.exe) that in very unusual circumstances would give an incorrect error message that you were trying to upgrade from a version prior to version 2.30, and not let you continue the installation.
  • Fixed a bug where you are backing up to a USB memory key that has insufficient free disk space to hold the backup, and it says the backup was successful, but in fact it wasn’t. (Fortunately given the capacity of USB memory keys, and the usually very small size of DONATION database backups, this would have been a very unusual occurrence!)

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Beta Test DONATION Version 3.33

  1. Works good on my Dell laptop with XP. But I don’t see the need for the checksum on the Reports -> One Date Donation: Details and Summary as well as the other report with the Member/Envelope numbers.

    • Thanks, Robert.

      The two that have the checksums are “Details with Member/Envelope #”, and “Details with Member/Envelope # and Summary”. I.e. the two that include envelope numbers, which is what the checksums are sums of. Since I would think users will choose only one of those two reports (depending on whether or not they are also interested in the summary, or want the full separate Summary report), I think it makes sense to include the checksums on both.

  2. I wasn’t sure I would prefer the reports broken down this way, after using it, I have to say it works great and I like the change.

    Woked great for me with XP.

  3. I like the combination of Details and Summary. It’s not clear to me why I would use checksums however, I believe the more options a program offers, the more useful it become. I do appreciate the various choices for reports.

    • Thanks Leo. Some users, I think especially with large collections where eveyrone or almost everyone has an envelope number, use the checksum. What they do is use entry sheets that they enter everything on before doing the DONATION data entry, and they do a sum of the envelope numbers on that sheet. Then they compare it to the sum on these reports. If the sums differ, it shows that they entered one (or more) of the donations for the wrong envelope number, and need to go back and carefully double-check everything.

      I’m glad you pointed this question out – I think I will add something about it to the Help.

  4. Dan,

    I like the new format of having all one date reports on one menu..

    I have one really nit-picky question.. would it be practical to have a button on the top of the summary report that would directly generate a detail+summary report without having to go back through the menus?

    My reason.. I check my total using the summary report.. if it is wrong, I then go to the detail report to find the input problem.. just saves a few mouse clicks.. not a big deal.. but if it is really easy to do, I’d use it.

    I know, I know.. I can just use the summary+detail to start with.. I am only asking for it if it is easy.

    • There’s nothing technically difficult about what you are requesting, David. But it would be an inconsistency in the user interface of the report-viewing window, and might lead to other requests for buttons to bring up other inter-related reports from other reports. So I’d rather go with your “I know, I know” suggestion, I’m afraid!

      Also, don’t forget that in the Batch Entry window, there’s a “Totals by Category” button at the bottom that brings up the totals with the category totals. You can use that as your initial check, rather than having to go out to the Summary report.

      • I don’t use batch entry.. too cumbersome for my input methodology. I’ll just use the method I use now.. look at summary, then look at details if needed.

        However..I guess I don’t really understand the consistency argument.. seems like a button on a summary report that says “more detail” is a good thing and I don’t know if there would be other, similar situations on other reports or not. If there is, it might be a good thing there as well.. just a thought. This is a little different than saying “put my favorite button here”!!

        You have made it more streamlined in the latest incarnation and I appreciate that.

      • I’m sorry, David, I guess we were thinking different things about the button. I think you were thinking it might be right on the report, which might actually be difficult (I’ve never tried it). I was thinking it would be in the area above the report, with all of the other buttons (like Print etc.), which would be less consistent. (Though I do agree with the Emerson quote, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”, and I don’t want to have a little mind!)

        I’m surprised that you don’t use the Batch Entry, if you have enough donations per service to merit using the One Date reports. Perhaps we could have a conversation off-line of this blog thread (to which it’s not really relevant) about why – give me a phone call or an email to discuss it.

      • David, I thought about your button suggestion some more, and it grew on me. I have added a “Switch to Detail Report” button at the bottom of the One Date Summary report. (It’s a bit tricky – it switches to Details with Member/Envelope # if you have the Member/Envelope # field visible in the Donor Details area, and to just Details if not.)

        I will also add a “Switch to Summary Report” button on both of those Details reports (with and without Member/Envelope #) so you can easily flip between them.

        I’ll upload this as a further beta version later today, if I have time, and notify you by email so you can try it out.

  5. FYI I just released this version to the website, as version 3.33.

    I’m not going to send out an email to all users about it (unless someone convinces me otherwise), because this is a fairly minor release, and there was already a release last month.

    Instead, on the next major release that I do email everyone about, I will include the features in this release in the description of the changes that I put into that email.

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