DONATION Beta 3.33b; Draft new Website

Hello DONATION beta testers and advisors.

First of all, I’m working on a significant revision to the web site. It’s not all done, but you can see the progress at The significant changes are a new introductory splash page, replacing the top bar and side bar menus with a top-bar drop-down menu on the rest of the pages, and a new quick links section at the bottom of each page.

Any comments?

Next, I’ve added a few cool features since version 3.33 that I last wrote to you about, and released a beta version as 3.33b Beta3. As always, you can download and try it out from Here’s what’s in it:

  • You can now double-click on backup files (e.g. DONATION4.DB.GBK) or emailed backup files (e.g. DONATION4.DB.S4B), and if DONATION isn’t open, DONATION will start and you will be prompted to restore that backup.
  • Completely replaced the features of the Save As button on the report-viewing window. It now brings up a new window with clearer choices, and some new options like displaying your saved file in an appropriate program (such as Excel) after saving it, and sending it by email to someone.
  • Made a small improvement in the installation programs, when you are upgrading an existing installation. Previously, if you had manually updated your desktop icon for DONATION to have a shortcut key to start it, whenever you upgraded that shortcut key would get lost. Now it is retained.
  • Added information in the Network Versions of DONATION help page, explaining how they can also be used over the Internet (e.g. with the Network Server version of DONATION on a computer in your office, and the Network Client version at home).
  • Added a new help page on Multiple User Options for DONATION, listing three options: multiple Standalone or Lite installs (copying the database around), Network Versions, or remote access.

If you have any comments on those changes, or testing results (positive or negative) I’d love hear them too. I’m especially pleased about the first two points above.


5 thoughts on “DONATION Beta 3.33b; Draft new Website

  1. I have looked at the revision you are working on for the web site – I think it is fantastic. Extremely easy to navigate and understand.

  2. The website looks great! I would recommend under the Quick Links to make download in caps and bold. I know there are lots of other places to go to downloads, but it might help for some people.

    On the updated DONATION program, I like the SAVE AS button. I had never used it before but trying it out now before the update and again after the update, I find that the window and options are very good. I had in the past considered asking about how to get a .CSV file from the DONATION program, but now you’ve done it for me. Thanks.

    I just noticed a problem that when I start DONATION (Dell laptop with XP) from the backup file that I cannot get any of the local help windows. The web helps do work. Must be a little bug in there somewhere.

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