DONATION – question about saving receipts

Sorry to bug you again so soon, but I suddenly had a thought about a somewhat signficant change that I wanted to get people’s opinions on.

Currently, if you create a receipt (or receipts) using Receipt menu options other than Current Donor Sample, and then close the receipt-viewing window without printing them, saving them to PDF or sending them by email, a question pops up. It asks whether you want to save the receipts back to the database anyways.

I find what happens a lot is that people answer Yes to this, when they should have answered No. Then when they go to run the receipts later (perhaps at the year end), they find out that some donations have already been receipted, even though the receipts weren’t sent to the donors, and those donations thus aren’t included on the new receipts. The solution is usually to delete all of the receipts with Receipt -> Delete Range, and then recreate them. But this leads to a lot of support calls and emails!

What I’m wondering is, maybe I should just remove the option to save the unprinted receipts to the database. So if you have only viewed them, and close the window, they are gone. It is just a preview, in essence. (There would be a message explaining that, but no option about it.) That would eliminate that support headache for me, and that problem for those users who have that problem.

I really can’t think of a situation in which I would want the receipts to be saved even though I hadn’t printed (or PDF’d or emailed) them. Can any of you? You can always recreate them with the same Receipt menu option you just used, of course.

Another slightly related change that I already made yesterday was, if someone uses Receipt -> All Donors and it’s before the year end, to put up a message saying that that menu option is usually only used after the year end, and confirming that the user wants to do that.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

10 thoughts on “DONATION – question about saving receipts

  1. I like that scheme a lot better.. I have gotten confused with early previews of receipts several times.

    • That sounds like a good move as I have created that problem a couple of times and not sure what to do to make the correction. Go for it.


  2. I’ve always been afraid of going into the Receipt menu until I’m ready to print the final receipts for the year. This change will make it so that the problem you outlined will no longer exist.

  3. I say go for it. I very seldom look at receipts until the end of the year but on the odd occasion one of my donors want their receipt right away and I print it off there and then. I never need to save the receipt before the year end.

  4. I have always wondered why the receipts were filed if they were not printed (etc.). This makes the whole receipting process much better as we will preview and make necessary adjustments before the final run.

  5. DEFINITELY, remove the “save” choice. A view should be a preview only and should in no way impact receipting at year-end.

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