DONATION Beta Version 3.35 – Pledging etc.

Hello DONATION beta testers. I have a big new version for you to check out, if you have a bit of time.

The biggest set of changes relate to multi-year pledging, as largely described in the earlier post, though certainly some changes were made from the suggestions there. One addition that as I recall wasn’t mentioned there is an option to do single year pledging with more details (a start date, and a donation category for the pledge, so that only donations made in that category are considered to be fulfilling the pledge).

But there are some other excellent changes and bug fixes as well. I think the best is the ability to have Duplicate or Corrected receipts created that aren’t marked with the words “Duplicate Receipt” or “Corrected Receipt”, if the original wasn’t yet sent to the donor. Another goodie is the ability to delete the latest year if you haven’t yet entered any donations in it, if you decide you switched to it / created it too early. Also, logo and signature files now automatically come with you when you move the program to another computer, and are automatically shared with all computers on a network when you use the network version of DONATION.

As always, you can get the new version from the page Details of all of the changes are on that page, and of course in the Revision History page in the Help (which has links to all of the other pages in the Help that were changed or added).

Please let me know any comments you have, positive or negative, about the new changes, via a Reply to this blog post (or if you prefer by email). Thank you!