Anyone have a Membership Plus database?

Hi folks. Does anyone have an old Membership Plus database, from before you switched to DONATION, that you could share with me? (Of course, I would keep it completely confidential.)

I’m trying to figure out whether it might be possible to have a built-in importing routine for basic data from Membership Plus, like organization info, donors, donation categories and donations. (I’ve just done one for another application, which I will write to tell you about shortly, and that – along with an inquiry from a current Membership Plus user – got me thinking about this.)

Even if you have an old Membership Plus database and don’t feel you can share it with me, if you could tell me the filename (or filenames) of the database, and/or possibly let me do a remote control session on your computer to look at the files myself, that might be helpful.

Thank you.

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  1. Dan,

    It will be couple of days before I will be able to check, but I think I do. I could also probably provide you with a copy of the program and documentation if you want it. It is all probably ver 5. Let me know how much (if any) you want.


    • David, I’m not sure you would be allowed to transfer the program to me according to its license. That’s why I asked only about the database. Thanks.

  2. Perhaps not. I will read the documentation. I have the original program.. Original packaging, etc. I don’t need it any more. If it is transferable.. I would be happy to do it.

  3. I had a copy of our 2006 Membership Plus database that I tried to import into the Donation software when I switched programs. I was not able to import it at that time. I believe I might still have some emails that we exchanged regarding the importation of data from Membership Plus. If I can find the database, I will send you any information I can.

  4. Dan,

    sorry.. no data anywhere that I can find. Latest version of software that I can find is v4.0.. which is pretty old.. copyright doesn’t address transfer.. only that it is for original purchaser and that it can be used on multiple computers but only one at a time.

  5. FYI everyone I have just released version 3.37 officially, which has the first steps in Membership Plus conversion – it will convert Membership Plus version 5 or 6 databases (and possibly version 7, I’m not sure yet).

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  7. I was recently assigned to financial board at my church, and discovered financial and membership operating system wasn’t in place or doesn’t exist. I’ve been in search of an older version of Membership Plus for over 6 months, I just need a place to start. I would like to know if anyone has an older conversion they no longer need or provide information where I could locate one.

    • Why not try my DONATION program – it’s a free 60-day evaluation, and does the core things that you really need to do – track donors and donations, and issue receipts. (Plus of course lots of reports, some mail merge capabilities etc.) Many people have switched from older versions of Membership Plus to DONATION and been extremely happy about it.

  8. I have Membership Plus 2007. I acqiured a virus, resulting with me having to erase all programs on my cumputer. I made a backup copy of the files. When I reinstalled my 2007 I am unable to load my back onto the program. I had five years of data on the system. Can any one Help me restore my data.

    • This really isn’t the best place to ask this question, Benjamin as it is a blog for a program that is more or less competitive with MembershipPlus, DONATION. However, you may want to look at my program, at, and see whether it might be suitable for you. It is much simpler and less ambitious than MembershipPlus. And it can convert the last two years of data from your database. There’s a free 60 day evaluation of DONATION available from the website, and the evaluation version does include the function to convert your MembershipPlus data.

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