Membership Plus conversion to DONATION done

Further to my earlier post at, I want to let you know that I have completed coding the conversion of data from Membership Plus (versions 5 through 12) into DONATION. (Actually, only about 5 of those versions have been tested, but the missing ones can be added as needed.)

The current release of DONATION, 3.37b, includes the conversion routines. When you start DONATION for the first time, if Membership Plus is installed, you will be prompted to convert your data from it. Or, you can convert later with the Database -> Import -> From Membership Plus menu option. I haven’t made a general announcement to all existing DONATION users of this new version, because it is more of interest to new users than existing ones.

As well as converting the basic organization info, it converts the Membership Plus members to donors, funds to donation categories, and contributions to donations. The last two years of contributions are converted.