Somewhat technical article on DONATION published

I just had an article about DONATION published in the PowerBuilder Developer’s Journal. (PowerBuilder is the program that I use to create DONATION.)

While there are technical elements in the article, the introductory section is about the development of the program my business, and may be of interest to those of you reading this blog.

You can see the article online at It was even the cover story in the print version of the magazine!

One thought on “Somewhat technical article on DONATION published

  1. Dan:
    Just read your article in PBDJ. I know you had to write it yourself but it got published and this is great recognition for the work you do. As mentioned in the article, your current business doesn’t pay the same as it would if you were an employee of a larger company but this article shows the satisfaction that you are currently getting outweighs the pay. I know this can be true from my own business. Helping churches and charities do the work they have to do to keep up with the judicial requirements can be very satisfying.
    Congratulations on being published.

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