Drop Save/Load SQL from Reports Window?

In thinking about adding the Memorized Reports feature, which I wrote about earlier at http://www.software4nonprofits.com/blog/2011/02/memorized-reports/, I’m wondering whether I should drop the Save SQL and Load SQL buttosn from the reports-viewing window. (N.B. I’m not thinking about dropping the Open SQL File and Save to SQL File from the Database -> SQL Select window.)

There are a few reasons I’m thinking about dropping those buttons from the reports-viewing window:

  • I have hardly ever heard from anyone who uses them.
  • The most likely reason to use them is to add a custom sort or filter into the SQL itself, so that it can be retrieved and re-used later. But that need will be satisfied by the features of the new Memorized Reports.
  • There are a lot of buttons on that window – if I add a “Memorize” button, dropping two other buttons leaves it less cluttered.

Having said that, there would still potentially be complex things that could be done with the Save SQL and Load SQL buttons on the reports-viewing window that could not be done with only Sort and Filter. However, in most cases those same effects could be reasonably replaced with reports/SQL created through Custom Reports, or directly through Database -> SQL Select.

So please get back to me if you have ever used this feature and do not think it would be sufficiently replaced by the ability to memorize reports with custom sorts and filters.

Thank you.