Please test DONATION v. 3.38 Beta2

Hello again beta testers.

I have a new version that I’d appreciate your help with testing. As usual, you can download it from

You will note that both the update installs (e.g. donupdtBeta.exe) and the full installs (doninstBeta.exe, or doninstNetServerBeta.exe and doninstNetClientBeta.exe for the network versions) are available on that page.

If possible, I’d really appreciate it if you first did the update install, tested the PDF changes (described below) and then did the full install and tested them again. The reason is that there is a new version of the novaPDF printer driver in the full install, and I’m not entirely clear whether it has anything to do with why my PDF fixes are working. (I can’t really go back and test it with the old version at this point.) By testing the update first, with the program changes but no new novaPDF, you are confirming that everything will work for both updating users and new users.

The biggest change that I’d like you to test in this version is that I fixed a longstanding annoyance when saving reports or built-in receipts to PDF files (or emailing them, which also saves them to PDF), that you had to run DONATION as Administrator on some versions of Windows. That is no longer a problem – you can run DONATION normally, and all PDFs work. (N.B. this was never a problem for mail-merge letters or receipt, so you don’t have to bother testing them.)

Here are the other changes and fixes:

  • Changed Reports -> Receipt -> All Receipts, so that if you are displaying the Eligible Amount field in the Donation Details area (as determined on the Donations tab of Maintenance -> Main Window Options), both the Total Amount and the Eligible Amount of each receipt appear on that report.
  • Changed so you can email both Individual Donation and Donor mail-merge letters. (Previously those two types couldn’t be sent by email, although all other types could.)
  • Fixed a bug which could happen when you email any mail-merge letters or receipts created with Letters -> Mass Mailing, but only occurred if you have Internet Explorer version 9 installed on your computer. The bug was that the email merges would fail, with a message to the effect of “The mail merge was apparently not completed successfully for sending the email to the email address … because the contents of the «Name» field were not found in the merged document”, or “Null object reference at line 11 in function of_get_body_html of object u_web_browser”.
  • Fixed another bug where you would get that same message, and email merges would fail, in the unexpected situation where your template document being merged didn’t contain the «Name» field.

There’s one other thing I’d like you to check, if possible, which has not been fixed. I happened to notice that when I run Reports -> Donor -> Category 1 Totals, it displays fine on the screen, but when I print it to my printer, it gets cut off part way through the report. If I save it to PDF, the PDF looks fine on screen too, but if I print that, it gets cut off in exactly the same way. (Which to me suggests a bug in my printer, not DONATION.) If you could just try printing that report and let me know whether it’s OK, I’d appreciate it. And if it’s not OK, what make and model of printer do you have?

Thank you all, as usual! Your testing always helps ensure a more solid product for all users of DONATION.

2 thoughts on “Please test DONATION v. 3.38 Beta2

  1. Did some testing on 3.38 beta2 on Win7-64. I had to do full install so PDF testing is N/A. I got all lines of the Summary of all Donations by Donar Category 1 in both print and PDF format.

    I will update my win 7-32 production version later and do next weeks entry and report with it. it is currently running 3.38 beta 1 so it will not be a big change.
    good luck

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