Memorized reports beta version ready

Hello again beta testers. I have completed the memorized reports feature that I discussed in an earlier blog entry, and I’m really happy with it. It allows you to memorize and then replay both custom reports and standard reports with custom sorts and filters.

You can test it as part of version 3.38 beta3. It’s available as usual from the pre-test page at

Please note that only the first download option on that page, donupdtBeta.exe, is for beta3, with the new memorized reports feature. All of the other options below that are only for beta2, which has the features I wrote to you about a few weeks ago. (And which I still would appreciate some further testing on.)

As usual, please let me know any testing results, and thoughts about the new features, either as a comment on this blog, or by direct mail.

By the way, I probably won’t announce this version until about mid-September, to give everyone time to get home from their summer vacations first. I may release it to the main website sometime earlier though, so that any new users do get the new features.

Thank you very much.

8 thoughts on “Memorized reports beta version ready

  1. Memorized reports work for me, from previous saved SQL.
    However – I enter a name into the report title field, this is not carried to the save screen where the prompt is *.rpt

    • That’s an interesting thought, Gerd, using the title of the report (which appears in the header section of the report) as the default save name. They are two independent things. One problem would be that titles can include characters that are illegal in Windows filenames. My inclination is still to leave it up to the user to give a potentially completely different filename for the saved report file from the displayed title of the report. But I would be interested to know what others think about this possibility.

  2. Dan,

    I generated a couple of custom reports, saved them and recalled them. Worked good. Nice feature..

    • Great, thanks David. Did you have a chance to try them with built in reports as well, possibly with sorts and/or filters? That’s the other usage that I think some users will find helpful.

      Also, I would welcome your and others’ comments on Gerd’s suggestion above.

      • Yes.. I tried with built in reports and did some sorting and saved them and recalled them fine.

        In terms of file naming.. I could go either way but think I prefer the way it is. I have used programs in the past that capture a file name from a report title (or vice versa) and find it really limits the title possibilities because of illegal characters.

        So.. I would prefer to have total flexibility in titling reports (or not titling them at all) and leave file naming as a separate event.

  3. David, you would still be able to change a file name that was suggested from a report title, in the Save As dialog box. The title would just be used as the initial suggestion to the user. In terms of illegal characters, I wrote some code that just replaces any such characters with spaces.

    Given this do you think this change would make sense?

    • Dan.. I am fine with it if you want to do the coding. I just didn’t want to be the guy that caused you more work when I could easily live without it.

      Yes.. your solution sounds very good.

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