Finding Donors by Phone # or Address

At the request of a user, who has a large number of his donors having the same last name (and doesn’t use envelope numbers), I have added finding by Phone number or Address to the Find Donor window (Ctrl-F or File -> Find Donor from the main window).

If you have a moment to try it out, you can find the beta test version of that at

Other than “what do you think of that”, I do have one specific question for you. The exact same Find Donor window is used by the One Date Batch Entry window as by the main window. One thing that is now a bit weird about that (and which I mention in the revised Help page for Finding a Donor) is that this means you can search by Phone # and Address  on the One Date Batch Entry window, despite the fact that those fields are not displayed.

My initial thought is that there is no big downside to leaving this in, and some users with unusual data (like the one I created this new feature for) might actually find it useful. But an obvious small downside is that it’s potentially confusing, and having searched by Phone # or Address, you still have to check that the one it found is correct. And you may not be able to check that successfully, if you say have two donors named “Smith, John”, with different phone numbers and no envelope numer. You would just have to trust that the program found it correctly.

There are actually a few further improvements in Find Donor in this version, beyond the new fields. The first is that you can search on more than one of the four fields (Name, Number, Phone and Address), and choose between joining any conditions on those fields by “and” or “or”, with a “Use Or” checkbox. (It defaults to being unchecked, so “and” is used.)

The second improvement is that for the fields other than the Number (member/envelope #) field, you can use the “%” symbol in a search string to represent “anything”, i.e. any number of characters. For instance, “Cooper%Dan” will find “Cooperstock, Daniel” in the Name, or
“123%5678” will find “(123) 111-5678” or “111-123-5678” in the Phone number.

Finally, for donors with both a Business Name and a Last Name and First Name filled in, the Name field will search on either of those fields. (Previously it would search only on the Business Name, for donors that had one, or on “Last, First” for all other donors.)

As usual, please leave a Comment on this blog post, or email me, with any testing results or thoughts on these changes. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Finding Donors by Phone # or Address

  1. OK, never mind the concern about not being able to see the phone # or address when you are finding by them in the One Date Batch Entry window. I have added a popup tooltip, when you hover over the Name field for a donor in that window, that displays the phone # and address, if they have been filled in. So that way you can check it’s the right one.

    I will upload a new beta (version 3.39 Beta2) with that feature added shortly.

  2. Dan,

    All search features working as described including business names and regular donor names as well as ‘Or’ and ‘And’ logic.
    You can insert % multiple times in a string for ‘wilder’ searching.


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