New DONATION slogan?

Hello DONATION advisors. I’m becoming uncomfortable with the DONATION / Software4Nonprofits slogan (also called a “tagline”), which is “Simple. Powerful. All you need.”

The first two parts of it are true, in my opinion.

The last part, “All you need”, is only really true if you add the phrase “for tracking your donors and donations and issuing receipts”. But the more reasonable interpretation is that I’m trying to say it’s all the software a church or charity’s Treasurer needs. Which is certainly not true – they also need an accounting program.

I do realize that DONATION is used by many other types of volunteer and staff person, like Financial Secretaries, Envelope Secretaries, etc., who may or may not also be the person who uses the accounting program. So for some of them, DONATION may be all they need (other than software virtually everyone has, like Word etc.). But the phrase “All you need” could also be taken to apply to software needs of the charity or church as a whole, in which case again, it’s clearly untrue.

I’m having trouble thinking up something to replace the slogan with though. I rather like the format of three words or short phrases, and wouldn’t mind keeping the first two. But I’m not sure what to replace the third with.

Any bright ideas? I’m also of course open to completely different ideas, like just one sentence or phrase for the slogan. And also open to other opinions / reactions to my current slogan.

As usual, if you post your thoughts as a Comment to this blog post, that will be good because others can then also comment on it. But direct email replies are fine too!

Many thanks.

12 thoughts on “New DONATION slogan?

  1. Just had a thought: what does anyone think of “Simple. Powerful. Professional.”?

    Too generic? One thing I have observed is that some of my competitors’ programs clearly were not written by professional programmers. But I don’t know whether including the word “professional” in the slogan would really speak to that point for many viewers of my website.

      • Interesting! Of course, that would speak more to new users than existing ones. Which isn’t necessarily a problem.
        One difference between these suggestions and the existing one (and my other suggestions) is that in your suggestions, Bill, not everything is the same part of speech – two adjectives, then an imperative sentence. Mine are all adjectives or adjectival phrases. (Not sure whether this is a problem or not, mind you!)

  2. Dan,

    Donations is a program used “for tracking your donors and donations and issuing receipts” and it is “all you need”. That’s why I use it! There is no accounting function. We use Accpac for that?

    • Yes, for what it does, it is all you need. But one could say that about almost anything! (At least, anything that works properly.) Microsoft Word is all you need for word processing. Excel is all you need for working on spreadsheets. I’m just afraid that by putting that at the top of each web page, above any text, and with no qualification, I’m making a larger claim that isn’t entirely truthful, and that bothers me.

      Another idea I had today was “Simple. Powerful. Affordable.”

  3. All you need to manage donations.
    All you need to record and track donations.
    Your Donations recording,tracking and receipt issueing.
    your Donations manager.
    your Donations controller.
    Your Donations helper.
    Your donation aid.

  4. “Simple. Powerful. Treasurer’s Friend.”

    or to go extreme … Treasurer’s Best Friend

    • I rather like that, Gerd. HOWEVER, in some ways it has the same problems as “All you need”, in that some Treasurers may feel that QuickBooks or whatever (or their spouse!) is their best friend. Plus, it’s often not the Treasurer who uses DONATION – often an Envelope Secretary in a church, etc.

  5. Dan,

    I know you said you made your final decision, but your tagline doesn’t describe what it does. It’s true that it’s simple, powerful and affordable, which is why I bought it in the first place. How about:

    “Streamlining the receipt process at an affordable price.”


    “Features that Non-Profits want at an affordable price”


    “Darryl says to just buy it” <—that's just a joke.

    Great product, Dan!

    Darryl Iott
    Fulton County Gideons

    • Thanks for these suggestions, Darryl – I especially like the last one! The thing is, I don’t think I can say enough in a short tagline to say what it does – that’s in the text on the home page. I’m just using the tagline to give them some positive adjectives that will make them feel good about it.

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