DONATION v. 3.39d Released

I have just released version 3.39d of DONATION to the website, and you can upgrade to it with the regular Help -> Check for Updates menu option.

However, as with version 3.39 that I wrote to you about a few weeks ago, there is nothing crucial (for most users) in this version, so I’m not going to announce it to everyone. I will add its list of features into the announcement of whichever is the next version that I do announce to all users.

Having said that, I would very much appreciate your comments on the changes, and your testing results if you have a few minutes to test the changes. Here is what was changed:

  • Added a new mail merge code «else», that can optionally be used between the «if:FIELDNAME» and «endif» codes, to provide alternative content.
  • Put the Load SQL button back onto the reports-viewing window, for use in unusual circumstances. (Its features, and that of the Save SQL button that was not put back on, were mostly replaced by the Memorized
    Reports feature added in version 3.38, at which time those two buttons were removed.)
  • Fixed a problem where the organization name printed on the built-in receipts could have some characters at the end cut off, because the font size was too large, especially when the organization name is all capital letters.
  • Fixed some problems in the conversions from Membership Plus and Church Assistant.

I would particularly appreciate it if you could test creating a sample receipt, with the Receipt -> Current Donor Sample menu option, to ensure that the completely new calculation I added to determine the font size of your Organization Name on the receipts works for you.

As always, thank you in advance for any Comments you add in response to this blog post. Emails are also fine!

4 thoughts on “DONATION v. 3.39d Released

  1. Dan,

    Check for updates actually downloads 3.39d not c.
    Organization Name scales correctly. Load Sql is there. Did not try new mail merge code.


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