DONATION version 3.40 w/ Backup Changes

Hello DONATION beta testers. I have made the changes discussed in the blog posting, and our comments to it.

They are now ready to be tested, as part of version 3.40 Beta1, which you can update to at As usual, I will greatly appreciate any testing you can do, and your comments (positive or negative) on the changes.

A full summary of the changes is on that Pretest download page, below the download link. In brief though, it includes renaming the backup files to include the date, plus a sequence number if you make more than one backup per day; warning the user clearly if they are restoring an older backup on top of a newer database; giving an option to retain only the last “N” backups in any one backup directory; and a few other small changes.

I have not done anything yet about my backup to the cloud idea, discussed in the other blog post from last week, because I have not yet found a suitable cloud storage service in Canada, to satisfy privacy concerns for Canadian users.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “DONATION version 3.40 w/ Backup Changes

  1. Dan,

    1. Back-up worked fine and sequencing worked fine.

    2. I did notice that when I tried to email a backup, it again sequenced to the next backup. so if all I did was backup and then email, I would have two identical backups. Seems like it should email the latest backup in the folder.. rather than create another, unnecessary (in most instances) one.


    • Thanks for testing, David.

      I don’t think it’s realistic for DONATION to keep track of whether you have done any additional data entry between backups (of whatever type). So really it makes sense that each backup is independent. I did consider independent numbering of regular and email backups, but it was just easier to have a single numbering within one day. If you were looking at both some regular and some email backups done on the same day (not sure how often that would come up, mind you!) you would be able to tell the order they were made in, from their sequential numbers.

      I also suspect that most users do either regular backups or email backups, not necessarily both on the same day.

      • OK.. I guess I was being dense. It never occurred to me to just do an email backup and that this would suffice as my one backup that I needed.. duh!! I was doing both sequentially.

        I sorta hate to admit to that. Perhaps you need a smarter beta tester :>)

  2. Dan,

    Working as designed.

    Fortunately I can save with the old backup name donation4.db.gbk so my existing semi-automated backbup procedure that renames donation4.db gbk to Dmmddyy.db.gbk still works. But the dated email backup is very useful.
    On the ‘cloud’ subject, I doubt that I would use the cloud as the email process is completly secure and under my control.


  3. Dan,

    That includes trying to restore an old copy of a database over a more recent one.


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