DONATION version 3.41 Beta, with Internet Backup

I have gone ahead and implemented a version of Internet Backup, as discussed in my earlier blog post DONATION Backup to the Cloud. It is an optional addition, at the end of each regular backup, and is strongly encrypted using a password that you supply (which is forced to be a strong password). The backup goes to a password-protected area on my web server, in Vancouver, where the password is based on the one the user supplies.

There are also a number of other nice new features, and bug fixes, in this version. One that will stand out is that all File Open or File Save dialog boxes are now new-style dialog boxes, and they all have Help buttons that give help on whatever feature they are part of.

Full details of all of the changes are on the page, from where you can download this beta test version and try it out.

I would greatly appreciate any testing you can do on this new version, and Comments back to this blog post (or private emails if you prefer) with your testing results, positive or negative. That includes, if you have the time and interest, commenting on the Help topics describing the new Internet Backup features.

By the way, you will notice that for this beta test version, you have to download the appropriate full installation file, for the Standalone, Lite, Network Server, or Network Client version. For technical reasons (having to do with putting up with a larger download for this version 3.41, to prevent larger update downloads in all future versions) there is no smaller update version available.

Thank you all in advance for whatever testing you can do, and comments you have, which will help make sure this version is as good as possible for all users.

7 thoughts on “DONATION version 3.41 Beta, with Internet Backup

  1. Sorry, all, there were actually two fixes from version 3.40c (which was never generally released, only given to one user as a beta) that I did not mention in the change details on the pretest.htm page:

    – Added Reports -> Donation -> Summary by Dollar Ranges, that shows the counts, dollar totals and percentages of donor’s total donations amounts within various dollar ranges, for the current and previous years.

    – Put in a fix to the Database -> Validate menu option, that may allow it to work when sometimes it would not in the past.

    And re: that new report, one of you noticed that it had a typo in one of the dollar ranges. The range read “$100.01 – $150”, but it was actually covering $100.01 – $200. That will be fixed for either the next beta (if one is needed) or the official release of 3.41.

  2. I did the online back-up setup and backed up my database. It all seemed to work well. It was a really thorough explanation as you went through the process.. good job!

  3. Internet backup and restore worked OK. Why is Donation4.db.PREVIOUS bigger than donation4.db?
    Help explanation is clear on the process as are the messages as the process executes.
    Email .cc works OK.

    • You do ask interesting questions, John! DONATION4.DB.PREVIOUS is a copy of your database from before the restore. The reason the restored database is a bit smaller is that some compression of excess blank space that the Firebird database tends to maintain in the database is done when you do a restore.

  4. I just realized a problem I hadn’t considered. Suppose you have 2 copies of DONATION on separate computers (home and office, usually). You could use Internet Backups for an easy way to transfer the database between those computers.

    BUT … if you both make a backup on the same day, the 2nd one will overwrite the first one. And the person restoring it may not get the copy they thought they were getting (like, maybe just their own copy!).

    To help alleviate this, I have just added something that before each Internet backup, checks whether a backup file with the same name already exists in the Internet storage area for that database. If it does, it warns the user that this is probably a backup from a different user with a copy of the same database, and asks them to confirm overwriting it.

    N.B. The reason this wouldn’t be a problem if there were multiple backups made on the same day from the same computer is that the backup filenames are changed each time. The first one is DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.DB.S4E, the second is DONATION-YYYY-MM-DD.2.DB.S4E (with “.2” added) etc.

  5. I just did the internet backup and am really impressed with the simplicity. I have always backed up to flash drives, and will continue to do so, but it gives me a more confidence that we now have the internet backup for our organizations.

    The instructions were great, and the ease of use for internet storage is now one more great feature of Donation!

    Thanks again Dan, for another great feature.

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