DONATION version 3.41 final beta

Hello again DONATION beta testers. I have just uploaded what I hope will be the final beta test version (Beta4) of DONATION 3.41 to the usual page.

The improvements in that version include some final cleanup and fixes to the new Internet backup feature (which I’ve already separately sent emails about, to those of you who informed me they were testing it). But also the following:

  • The Database -> Import  Donors window now allows you to also import the Donor Category 1 and Category 2 fields, which previously could not be imported.
  • For users with email addresses, who are using the first window of Maintenance -> Email Sending Configuration and basing it just on their email address, rather than the settings in an existing email program, DONATION was suggesting the wrong SMTP server ( That has now been corrected to use
  • Fixed a problem where you got a techie error message if you tried to add a 2nd donation or donor category with the same name as an existing one, in the Maintenance -> Donation Categories menu option or the Maintenance -> Donor Category 1 or Donor Category 2 menu option. Now you get a nicer error message.
  • Added a check for adding a 2nd Paid By value with the same name, in the Maintenance -> Donation Paid By Values menu option.
  • Fixed a bug in the Database -> Import -> Donations menu option, where Donation Categories containing single quotes (or apostrophes) cannot be imported.

As usual, any comments on these changes, or testing results, will be greatly appreciated. I plan to release this as an official version on the DOWNLOAD page on the website on the weekend, and start sending all users emails about it next week.

Thank you.

One thought on “DONATION version 3.41 final beta

  1. FYI I released this version as an official version this morning, so anyone that wishes to can upgrade to it with the usual Help -> Check for Updates menu option in the program. As mentioned, I will be sending email announcements of it to users during the next week.

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