DONATION version 3.42 beta: Fiscal Year Reports

Hello DONATION beta testers. Further to my last blog post asking for advice about what to do about fiscal years, I now have version 3.42 Beta1 ready for testing.

In terms of fiscal years, what I implemented was configuring your fiscal year (if it’s different from the calendar year) in Maintenance -> Organization Info, a new Reports -> Fiscal Year submenu with 7 reports on it, and fiscal year selection options in Reports -> Custom Reports. Things I did not do are support fiscal year-based pledging, or mail merge letters based on fiscal year donation amounts.

One great side-effect of some changes to the database structure that I made to support fiscal year reporting, is I was able to fix a long-standing weakness of the multi-year reports, under Reports -> Donor -> Donation Info. Previously, if there was a donor present in last year’s database, but absent from this year’s (e.g. because you deleted them), that donor was omitted from the report, and thus the dollar totals for the previous year could be incorrect. This new version fixes that for all of those reports, including the Last 4 Years report.

One important bug fix was to mail-merged letters or receipts. It turned out that with some longer letters, or a letter added before the mail-merge receipt, sometimes the page breaks between donors’ letters or receipts were disappearing when you printed, so each one didn’t start on its own page. Turns out that was a bug in Internet Explorer (which is actually what is underlying my mail merge editor), that I was already using one work-around for, but that work-around didn’t always work. So I’ve put in another work-around, which I think will be more reliable to make sure that the page breaks always work.

There are also a bunch of other smaller improvements, changes and bug fixes. All are listed on the page:

from which you can download this DONATION version 3.42 Beta1 for testing. As always, I will greatly appreciate any testing that you can do, and hearing back with either or both of positive or negative test results.

You can reply as a Comment to this blog post, or by email, as usual. Many thanks in advance.

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  1. FYI everyone I broke down and added being able to set the pledges (as long as they aren’t the Multi-Year type) to be assumed to be on a fiscal year basis. That changes both the built-in reports, and Custom Reports, plus the “Show” button to show the pledge outstanding amount in the window for editing one donor’s “Annual with Start Date and Category” type pledge.

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