DONATION version 3.43 beta – new Firebird interface

Hello again DONATION beta testers. I have uploaded version 3.43 Beta3 to the usual page, and if you could give it a test, that would be great.

The biggest thing about this Beta3 version, as distinct from Beta2 that I wrote to you about a bit ago, is that is using a new ODBC driver for the Firebird database that that program uses. (The ODBC driver is an intermediate piece of software between the main program and the database software itself.) You should see very little change as a result of this, but internally in the program this new ODBC driver solves a number of programming complications that I had.

Here is the full list of the changes between Beta2 and Beta3 of version 3.43:

  • The new ODBC driver, as mentioned above. This change will be largely invisible to users, with one exception, as follows. If you run memorized Custom Reports, that were memorized with a prior version, their column headings may now include a database table name where they didn’t do so before, such as a heading “Donor Name” instead of just “Name”. If it is import to you to fix this, please contact us for details on how to do so.
  • Added a new report, Reports -> Donation -> Actual Duplicates. It is similar to the Potential Duplicates report in the same sub-menu, but only shows duplicates where the name is exactly the same (though possibly with different capitalization). The Potential Duplicates report also shows names that sound alike, which may identify some names entered twice, with typos in one of the names.
  • Fixed a bug where Reports -> Donation -> Potential Duplicates could crash the program with the error message “Malformed String” if there were names in the database whose first character was an accented character, such as “ÉLISE”.

I’m actually quite concerned that this version get some good testing before I officially release it, because although I have tried to test everywhere of significance that the program accesses the database (which could be affected by the new ODBC driver), I could always have missed something. Areas that I actually had to modify fairly significantly because of changes in the way the new ODBC driver works include all of the data selection for mail-merge letters, and everything about Custom Reports. Also the installation program, to install the new files for the new ODBC driver.

As always, please let me know any observations you have about this new version, good or bad, by adding a Comment to this post, or directly by email.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “DONATION version 3.43 beta – new Firebird interface

  1. I think it should be;
    Reports -> Donor -> Actual Duplicates. and
    Reports -> Donor -> Potential Duplicates

    Reports -> Donation -> Actual Duplicates.
    Reports -> Donation -> Potential Duplicates

  2. Looks like any memorized report with

    SELECT donor.member_number “Envelope #”,

    comes up with an “expression is not valid” message then continues correctly when you click OK.

      • OK, in case anyone else is interested, this ended up being another side-effect of the new ODBC driver, which caused a Filter included in a memorized Custom Report to no longer be valid. I have updated the program (to be version 3.43 Beta4) to give a more informative message when this happens, explaining that the user will need to re-create the Filter then re-Memorize the report. (The same change was added for memorized Sorts in memorized Custom Reports, which could also be invalid.)

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