DONATION minor release version 3.43b

Hello DONATION beta testers.

I just released an official version 3.43b to the web site. I’m not going to announce it to all users, because it’s fairly minor, but I did want to get it out there for new users or users who are upgrading.

However, if you could upgrade to it and check out any of the new features and fixes that seem to be relevant to you, and let me know your impressions, that would be great. Just use Tools -> Check for Updates normally to do that.

Here are the changes in this version, in rough order of importance:

  • Replaced the popup calendar that is available for data entry of dates with a new version, which works slightly better, and changed to pop it up with a calendar button, rather than a drop-down arrow. Unlike the previous version, this new calendar cannot be closed without making a selection by clicking on that button again – press ESC to do that.
  • Added a calendar button for a popup calendar to other places in the program where you can enter dates, for instance windows prompting for a date or a date range for reports. Added a few additional “magic” keystrokes you can use when entering dates directly.
  • For technical reasons, license keys never work if you have two or more spaces in a row in your Organization Name. Put in some checks and fixes to prevent that situation and problem.
  • Put in some code to try to help a situation where a user with dual monitors could not run the program, because it incorrectly reported that their screen dimensions were not set to at least 800 x 600 (the minimum at which DONATION will work properly).
  • Put in some code into the Network Server version installer to try to ensure that the Firebird database server definitely gets installed in cases where the system is confused about whether it is installed already.
  • Put in a check that you are not trying to use your Unique ID for Internet Backups (or an initial part of it) as your password for Internet Backups, which should be something you make up that is completely different.
  • Fixed a tiny annoyance: if you used Ctrl-F (rather than the documented option Alt-F) for Find Donor in the One Date Batch Entry window, it worked, but it also beeped. Now it no longer beeps.
  • Fixed a bug that while you could save a value including a slash (such as “Debit/Credit”) in the Maintenance -> Donation Paid By Values window, only the part prior to the slash would show up in the Cheque # / Paid By field on the main window or the One Date Batch Entry window.
  • Fixed another bug with that same window: If you accidentally choose the wrong selection between Canada and the USA when you first setup your DONATION database, and then make changes in this window, and only after that fix the the wrong country selection via Maintenance -> Receipt Options,  the wrong spelling of Check vs. Cheque will be “locked in” and unable to be changed. (Now the program fixes that automatically.)
  • Fixed a bug that gave a wrong (techie looking) error message if limited users entered invalid donation dates on the program’s main window.
  • Prevent limited users from logging in to the program if it is set to work on a prior year.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “DONATION minor release version 3.43b

  1. Tested all changes except:
    1.Organizaion name with two blanks.
    2.Do not have dual monitors.
    3.Do not run the network server version.
    4.Wrong country at setup.
    5.Do not run the limited version.
    Tested changes were OK.
    The calendar button is much better, especially T+-MHYR .
    When I tried to use the first 8 digits of the unique ID
    I got “the strong password” response. Was that the correct response?

    • Thanks, John. I don’t know if you were aware, but the T, + and – keys already worked before. These changes came from stuff I am programming for the ACCOUNTS program, to mimic convenient features in Quicken and QuickBooks.

      One thing I added but didn’t document, that I’m quite happy about, is that all of those keystrokes for changing the date, and the popup calendar, are now all restricted to the current year.

      In terms of using the Unique ID as a password, there are various tests done in a certain order, and I guess that test for a strong password (with three of the four types of character) came up first. If you change one of the letters from upper to lower case and try it again, you should get a more specific message about using the Unique ID.

  2. Please anyone that has downloaded version 3.43b, upgrade again to 3.43c, which fixes an annoyance in the new calendar control: the weeks were starting on Monday, rather than the traditional Sunday.

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