Unlicensed HtmlMessageBox?

Hello again DONATION advisors and beta testers.

Quick question: Is anyone seeing the text “Unlicensed HtmlMessageBox” at the top of any message boxes in either DONATION or ACCOUNTS? Please let me know if you are. (If you’re not sure, one quick and safe way to see a message box is with the Help -> Read Manual menu option. After seeing the message, just click Cancel on it.)

A couple of users recently have reported this, and I can’t figure out why it’s happening. (I sort of know technically, namely because they have an old version of the file HtmlMessageBox.dll when they should have a new version, but I don’t know how their installation got messed up in that way.)

So if any of you are seeing that, I’m hoping I can work with you to figure it out. There’s no need to reply if you are not seeing that.