Software4Nonprofits name on Credit Card Statements

Hello again DONATION advisors. Very quick question this time.

When you pay for something from me with a credit card via PayPal (the only way you can pay me with a credit card), it currently shows up on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL
*COOPERST SW” (short for Cooperstock Software). The “PAYPAL *” part is required by them, and then I get 11 further characters that I can specify.

Occassionally people challenge the payments, because they don’t recognize the “COOPERST SW” part, since the Cooperstock Software name is not so obvious on my website. While the email receipt you get from PayPal does say that it will show up that way on your statement, it’s in small print, so people could easily ignore it.

Would “PAYPAL *SOFT4NONPRF” be more obvious, to your mind? Any better suggestions, remembering again that there are only 11 characters available after “PAYPAL *”?

P.S. I’m also going to add the following sentence (possibly adjusted if I change that name) to my own emails acknowledging your payment, which may also help:

Your payment will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *COOPERST SW“, which is short for the payment being made via the PayPal service to Cooperstock Software (my official business name).

Thanks for your thoughts.

9 thoughts on “Software4Nonprofits name on Credit Card Statements

    • Thanks for that suggestion, Rob, but as I explained the part I have control over is only 11 characters – you used 16. And it is forced to be all capital letters.

      So if there’s going to be a change, it still has to start with “PAYPAL *”, and be no longer than my possible suggestion of “PAYPAL *SOFT4NONPRF”.

  1. Dan: Your suggestion using SOFT4NONPRF should work better and have less challenges as most people know you as Software4Nonprofits.

  2. Hi Dan: I like SOFT4NONPRF. I would think that most users know you as this rather than COOPERST SW.

  3. I like SFT4NONPROF best. Rather have the “O” associated with Profit than I would with Software.
    I believe SFT is more universally understood to be short for Software than PRF for Profit.

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