DONATION Receipts Problem – Please Check

Hello again DONATION advisors and beta testers.

One experienced user just reported a very weird problem, that I don’t understand, and I want to make sure nobody else has it. So I would very much appreciate it if you could do the tests described below.

The problem was that she had done Receipt -> All Donors after entering all of her donations for 2012, and sent out the receipts. Later, she found out that some people hadn’t received receipts, because they weren’t generated. She did Receipt -> All Donors again, and a few more receipts were created. She had to do that a few more times, until it said there were no unreceipted donations. Obviously, that should not be happening – the first run of that should have created all receipts.

So, assuming you have completed your year-end run of the 2012 receipts, please switch back to 2012 (if you are already in 2013) with Maintenance -> Change Year -> Previous Year, and then run Reports -> Donation -> Unreceipted, which will allow you to find out whether any receipts were missed. If it says “There is no matching information for this report”, that means there are no unreceipted donations, and everything worked as it should.

If however, there are unreceipted donations showing, and you don’t know a good reason for that (like, you entered further donations after running the receipts!) please get back to me immediately.

Even if it’s all OK, a quick reply to this blog post to inform me of that would be really helpful, just so I know that quite a few of you have checked this out and (hopefully) nobody else has the same problem. If not enough of you try this, I may need to write to all DONATION users and warn them to check this out.

I wouldn’t be following this up, except that I just can’t understand how that could possibly happen, but I also know that the user knows what she is doing, so I do believe that it did happen!

Thanks in advance for your help with this.

14 thoughts on “DONATION Receipts Problem – Please Check

  1. Did the check requested. All receipts printed and I have checked two that I can easily check and they are correct.

    HOWEVER, when I ran the report today as requested there is a full list of unreceipted donors (43 pages) including the two I checked. When I check the donors – there is a short list of 13 donors. I do know all the receipts were printed and sent. Thus the reports are incorrect from what I see.

  2. I did what you asked and I had no unreceipted donors.

    Last week, I discovered that the 2012 receipts that I sent out did not have any donations from March 4th & 11th, 2012. Donations from those dates were missing in our database. Panic. I went back to the backups for those dates and the donations were there. In that time period, I was training someone to do the entries while I was going to be out on a long vacation. I suspect that on March 18, the backup database from Feb. 26th was reloaded for some reason by mistake, losing the entries from March 4 & 11. This is a good argument for keeping a dated backup each week and not deleting them for a couple of years. I was able to load the backup from March 11, printout entries from March 4 & 11, reload last week’s backup, enter the donations for the missing dates, and printout receipts for 2012. When I did that, only the “delta-receipts” were generated — receipts for those days for folks who gave on those days. That was fine with me.

  3. Dan
    I’m not doing receipts for our church organization so cannot confirm with a personal experience.
    Something I remember from a completely different set of circumstances (different application) is a hardware/memory issue that causes software counters to be lost. Memory issues are extremely difficult to detect because things look very normal and can’t be easily be replicated. There are some utlities that can test memory. I have an HP computer that does this test periodically. My fix (several years ago) was to get a new computer! Once hardware integrity is questioned, an upgrade to current technology is worth considering.
    I can’t say that what your client has experienced is a memory issue but knowing that the receipted/unreceipted flags in the program were incorrectly set suggests that memory should not be discounted as the culprit.

  4. Just checked three different data sets that I have readily at hand and all performed well. All 2012 receipts had been printed a few days ago and the report now shows No data To Report.
    All is good.

  5. I have checked as requested…2012 receipts were all printed correctly – none missed.

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