DONATION now converts from GiftWorks

I know that most of you reading this blog are DONATION users, but you may know some users of the GiftWorks program in other organizations. GiftWorks (™ FrontStream Payments) was fairly recently acquired from Mission Research. They upped the prices a lot, and my understanding is that they are forcing people to pay by turning off the ability to use their older versions of GiftWorks.

As a result, I have had a number of inquiries from GiftWorks users wanting to switch to another program, perhaps DONATION. While GiftWorks has more features that DONATION, as usual many users don’t need all of those features.

Two GiftWorks users were kind enough to share their databases with me, so I could develop and test a converter from their database to DONATION’s database. That has now been released, in version 3.54. It converts the donors, donations, and donation categories.

So, if you know anyone who is using GiftWorks and wants to switch, please do tell them about this. More details are on the page, including a link to the web version of the Help page on the conversion.


4 thoughts on “DONATION now converts from GiftWorks

  1. On another note. I have people asking for ability to enter families & dates like they could in Membership Plus. Donation does the receipts & Accounts does the financial but family records is missing now. Could there be an advanced version of donation to do that? I still have people on the old XP version of Membership Plus that will need to change shortly.

    • I’ve certainly had that request before, Victor, but the thing is, people love the simplicity of DONATION. If I were to make an “advanced” version, it would be even harder for people to pick the right version for them. And I’m not really eager to be competing against the other products that already do that sort of thing (generally ones that are more “church management” oriented), of which there are quite a few good ones. I prefer to stick with what I see as being my “market”, which is the smaller churches and charities with more limited needs.

  2. That is correct that the smaller Churches cannot afford the management programs. However with Donation & Accounts they are still missing a very important element which is tracking families & dates. That can be very basic & need not have all the features that the larger programs have.

    • I hear what you are saying, Victor, but the vast majority of my users seem to be fine without that feature. You can always record some information that seems important to you in the Comments field, and/or the three renamable Other Info fields. And couples can just be recorded in one donor record, e.g. as firstname “John and Mary”, lastname “Smith” or whatever. The bottom line is the program has survived fine for all this time without a family-tracking feature, and I’m really not likely to change that.

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