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Hello DONATION blog subscribers – longish time no write!

Subsequent to the email I sent out to all DONATION users last week, about version 3.55, which was supposed to fix a problem in Tools -> Check for Updates, a couple of users upgrading to subsequent minor releases (for very specific bug fixes) have reported that the problem is still there. (I can certainly no longer replicate the problem on any of my PCs, however.)

The problem is that when you click the Check for Updates button in that window, it gives a message like “Cannot Retrieve Web Page / No response was retrieved from the web server, which could be for various reasons, including if you were not connected to the Internet.”

I’m wondering whether a few of you could help me out by trying Check for Updates now (which will bring down version 3.56b, if it works). Only do this if you have already upgraded to version 3.55 of higher, because otherwise I know you will get that error message, and it’s very annoying, because it seems to hang your computer on the “downloading” window! (If that does happen to you, just click into that window, and press Alt+F4, to close the window.)

So, if you have previously upgraded to 3.55 or higher, and you try the upgrade to 3.56b, and you get that error message which is supposed to be gone, please let me know! At that point, if I haven’t figured it out yet, I may ask you if we can do a fairly quick remote control session on your computer, so I can try to figure out why the fix I put in is not working for you.

Many thanks!

One thought on “DONATION Check for Updates Testing

  1. I’ve actually uploaded a new version 3.56c. If you upgrade to that from the DOWNLOAD page on the website,, then try Tools -> Check for Updates again, let me know what happens. If that gives you an error message, about possibly not being connected to the Internet, please email me the log file C:\Users\Public\Documents\Cooperstock Software\Donation\logfile.txt as an attachment. (That’s the folder it will be in if you are on Windows Vista, 7 or 8.) That file will have some detailed logging of the error from the 3rd-party control I use to do uploading and downloading of files, which I will then be able to communicate to the vendor of that control to try to figure out what is wrong.

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